19-Twenty Release new album TRIAD.


19-Twenty! (From left to right) John Jakob William (bass), Kane Dennelly (vocals/guitar), and Syd Green (drums). Photo by Steve Badger.

19-Twenty give the scoop on their new album TRIAD, and reveal where they’re touring soon! 


Rowdy blues folk-rockers 19-Twenty release their new album TRIAD, and they couldn’t be more excited to get audiences sweaty to their new tunes.


The Wollongong band launch TRIAD this month with two sold out shows at Ryan’s Hotel Thirroul on Friday 16 and Saturday 17. This will be 19-Twenty’s fourth album, following their 2016 release Snow in Soho.

Describing themselves as “Three guys with their noisemakers” 19-Twenty’s bass-man, John Jakob GWilliam, muses about how they will fit everyone into their sold out shows over the weekend. “don’t worry – if there’s no space, we have gaffa tape, which is great for taping people to walls and ceilings.”


19-Twenty’s John, Kane Dennelly and Syd Green live for performing to audiences, finding new fans at every show whilst touring around Australia and at music festivals. Their recent festival appearance being Blues on Broadbeach in Queensland last month. The band have also had the privilege to perform along-side Cold Chisel, Jeff Lang, Ian Moss and many other big name acts over the years.


Talking to Music Mayhem, John and front-man Kane discuss their new album TRIAD and give insight into all things 19-Twenty.

Q:  You’re launching your new album TRAID this month. How would you describe this new release, what is it about?

Kane: Like a caged animal sipping lattes in a hipster suburb of Melbourne. The closest we have been to capturing our live sound in the studio!

 John: I didn’t personally do much lyric-writing on this album, but I do think that the music and orchestration is just as important as the words conveyed through a song. What I did want for TRIAD while recording was to make each of the songs sound as monstrous and hard-hitting as possible. I think we accomplished that and I’m very proud of the dynamic the album has in its entirety. Listening to TRIAD from start to finish is a great audible journey.



“We played a bunch of shows to crowds who were there to PARTY!” John. Photo by Steve Badger.



Q: What inspired your new album?

 Kane: The love of big groovy riffs and spiced rum.

 John: About ninety percent of my inspiration for basslines comes from listening to music in my car, where I’ll want a thumping bassline with great rhythm to enjoy being on the road.


Q: You guys have toured quite a bit this year, one of your recent stops being Blues on Broadbeach in Queensland. How was that event?

 Kane: Massive! As big as Syd’s Ego (laughs). We had full crowds at all the gigs…all ages were keen to get sweaty and rowdy with us! It was a trip!

 John: It was an awesome experience. I got to meet up with some friends both old and new, and we played a bunch of shows to crowds who were there to PARTY! The amount of time and care that was put into sound and lighting production at all the venues was simply amazing. Every stage crew was incredibly friendly and were super-professional. Festivals with such dedicated crew are few and far between. Blues on Broadbeach is definitely one of them.



John and Syd in the studio. Photo courtesy of 19-Twenty.



Q: Have you performed any of your new tracks live, and did you receive positive   feedback?

 Kane:  We have. We have fallen over a couple of times forgetting how to play one song in particular – but apart from that, feedback has been amazingly positive!

 John: A few of the tracks were born on the road, where we recorded them a while after playing them in our sets. It’s great to know that people appreciated the tracks live and recorded, and I think songs that are written while touring are the truest songs a band can perform. Writing on the road means there’s no dubbing or over-writing / under-writing. You’re writing songs with the bare materials you’ve got in a real-world situation – in our case, three guys with their noise-makers.


Q: What are your favourite tracks off the album and why?

 Kane: I’m a massive fan of Burnside! It is a song that tips its hat to the amazing R.L Burnside and is so god damn fun to play!

 John: I like the versatility of TRIAD, and how there’s a great dynamic mix of songs on it. Each has their own unique presence and personality. That said, my number one would have to be R.L. Burnside. It’s a road-tested-good-time partying song, and I love the breakdown in the middle…it makes me want to shout TESTIFYAH!


Q: Where are you touring next after your album launch at Ryan’s Hotel?

 Kane: All over Australia! Thredbo, Echuca, QLD, W.A, and Canberra! It’s going to be a hoot!

 John: I’m personally looking forward to getting back to Mitchell Creek in QLD, as well as Bridgetown W.A. These are some of my favorite places in Australia and being able to gig there too makes it an even better holiday getaway.

Want more 19-Twenty? Check them out via the links below:


“All Ages were keen to get sweaty and rowdy with us. It was a trip!” Kane. Photo by Steve Badger.





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