Taberah! From left to right: Tom Brockman, Myles Flood, Dave Walsh and Jonathon Barwick. Photo by Dan Cripps.


Taberah frontman Jonathon Barwick discusses new album Sinner’s Lament and its personal stories.



Tassie metal band Taberah are unleashing their fourth album Sinner’s Lament on May 19, and it is their most powerful release yet.


Starting their national tour from May 26 through to July 15 where they will perform at The Cherry Bar in Melbourne, the band are sure to put on massive and memorable shows, which they explain as “A sound and experience that only we four particular people can give you”. If this isn’t enough of a plug, how about the fact that they have shared the stage with Motorhead, Nightwish, Hammerfall and Blind Guardian!


Sinner’s Lament is full of emotive tracks inspired by frontman Jonathan Barwick’s own personal experiences. Collaborating with Lord Tim from Sydney melodic metal band LORD, each story comes to life a three-dimensional way. Jonathon says Sinner’s Lament for him is “life itself and coming to terms with life’s tragedies and triumphs…witnessing the world, family and friends succeeding and failing as I grow older”.

Taberah have created an album that pulls you in and keeps you hooked from the first track through to their cover of The Eagles hit Hotel California.


Talking to Jonathon, he gives an in-depth insight into Sinner’s Lament and how their sound has transcended from working with Lord Tim.


Q: Taberah, you are releasing your new album Sinner’s Lament in May 19. How do you feel your latest music instalment reflects how the band has grown over the years?
The sound itself is where we always wanted to be. In 2013 Lord Tim approached me at a show we were playing with them…he felt we could do something very special and he wanted to help us reach our full potential. Tim has been a hero of mine since I first witnessed LORD in 2006, so to have him want to work with us and achieve Sinner’s Lament is very special to me. There are certain magical moments on the album that were a hundred percent Tim’s creative input. We trust him. The album reflects some of the wonderful relationships we have made over the last eleven years.


Q: What is Sinner’s Lament about?
Sinner’s Lament is an emotionally driven album. Aside from Crypt, The Final March of Man and the bonus track, the songs all intertwine and alter the context of the each other. The track Sinner’s Lament is me battling with guilt and the consequences of failed relationships. The other emotionally driven songs are all stories within Sinner’s Lament. Even the cliché packed Harlot is tied in. That dumb rock song is me giving into temptation which will eventually lead me to “Sinner’s Lament” …still with me? Horizon is the overwhelming urge to not let the bastards bring you down. Child of Storm is myself discovering Rock ‘n’ Roll told with Legend of Zelda lore. Dance of the Damned is witnessing my friend’s failed relationships as well as my own. Heal Me is the healing process within grief. I accept that there’ll be people that somehow only hear mystical power metal lyrics but they’re wrong. This not music for metal fans…this is music for music fans.



Photo by Dan Cripps.

Q: What song off Sinner’s Lament speaks to you personally and why?
The title track. It grew over the course of four years and I took chances with it. To drop the excitement of the thrash to deliver a slow motif is me letting myself be vulnerable. Myles’ solo in that section is a GOAT solo. When I hear it it’s one of the most human experiences. My best friend who lived with me through my hardest times delivering those notes. It was one f***g take and my hair stood on end watching him record it. Having Laura be the voice of those I have let down is again me allowing myself to be vulnerable and she trusted me when I asked her to sound more fragile. Tim went AWOL for a night and I woke up to the news that he’d been up all night writing a symphony over it…he didn’t have to. He didn’t know how close to my heart the song was. I hope he knows how special the time he put in is to me.

“This not music for metal fans…this is music for music fans”.


Q: You also are delivering a pretty rad and fast paced spin on The Eagles’ track Hotel California. What made you decide to cover this classic track? That idea came years ago. Myles’ old band Vulgar did a filthy thrash cover of Deep Purple’s Black Night…so at some point I heard Hotel California and its potential to be a ridiculous metal cover.


 Q: Can you recall any fun moments during the writing and recording process for Sinner’s Lament?
I remember Myles was adding his vocals to Harlot and in the line “I think I like it” we couldn’t un-hear this “GEH” sound when he said “LIKEGEHHT”. He has also been singing “in the Requiem of the Damned” since he joined the band in 2009…the line is “hear the Requiem of the Damned” (laughs).

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Watch Taberah’s Child of Storm music video, their recent single from Sinner’s Lament.

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