The Sun is Rising with Chuparosa


Chuparosa are: Tim Dennis, Kyle Eardly, Mark Rozab Meleisa, Isaac Beard, Tay Plain, Michael Beckett, Marc Tahiti Richardson, Kyle Jacobs, Jack Purdon and Jake Parker.  Photo by Tim Dennis.



Chuparosa are back, and Michael Beckett along with the rest of the band are more than excited to get you dancing again!


Wollongong’s reggae party masterminds Chuparosa are reforming for one night this month, and it is well-worth getting excited about.


Performing at the University of Wollongong’s Uni bar on February 25, the band are ready to have everyone dancing throughout their set on the night.

Rehearsing for the show earlier this month, it marked the first time that all members of Chuparosa were together since parting back in March 2015, after their Farewell Sunset Show at the Uni Bar. The location for their reunion then is very fitting, and is sure to bring back many fun memories for anyone that went to a Chuparosa gig!


Photo courtesy of Michael Becket.

Forming their super-band mid-2013, Chuparosa released Sinking Sun, a party anthem debut EP, which they launched at Wollongong’s Beach Bar that same year in December. 2014 also saw the release of their second EP This Is Life.


In a previous Music Mayhem article, guitarist Kyle Jacobs described what they loved about performing live together.

“Every time we play we’re just having a party really, a musical party. At practice we laugh more than we actually practice music, which makes everything just work well together because everyone just gets along…I think for me the best part is that we’re playing music that’s forcing people out of their seats to dance, they just can’t help themselves but go and dance to the music we’re playing!”


Talking to drummer Michael Beckett, he reveals all you need to know about their reunion at the Uni Bar, what the guys in the band have been up to, and what might be in-store for the future.


Q: Chuparosa, you guys have come back together to bring the party back to your fans with a gig at the Uni Bar on the 25th of this month. How excited are you to be on stage performing together again?

Michael: Pretty stoked! We’ve been in contact with each other for the last two-years waiting for the planets to align and finally they have.


Q: You also recently shared a rehearsal photo on Facebook, marking the first time you were all in the same room again after two-years. What was it like to play through all your old songs and being in each other’s company again?

It was very silly…. We spent as much time laughing as we did running through the old songs; but they came back pretty quick, just like riding a bike.


Q: What are you loving the most about being Chuparosa again?

Catching up with the lads again has been great. In the last two-years there’s been travels, studies, weddings, engagements and we are even expecting our first little Chupa with Beardo (Isaac Beard) and his wife Amelia, who are expecting a little person in a few months.



Photo by Michael Becket.

Q: What do you have planned for the night of the gig, any surprises you’d like to reveal?

There will be much Brass! We have Beardo and Eardo (Kyle Eardly), the original horns, as well as JP one and JP two…they can fight over who is number one (Jake Parker and Jack Purdon). We are sneaking in a few of those little half planned/half improvisation musical morsels that would keep us sane on tour from playing the songs over and over.


Q: Will you be performing the Pirates of the Caribbean theme like you used to at your gigs?

Yes, very yes! It wouldn’t be right without it.


Q: What are some of your favourite tracks off your two EPs that you are looking forward to performing?

Personally … Come alive, Clashin’, and Gypsy, which are sounding good at practice.


Q: After the Uni Bar gig, do you see an extended reunion possibly with more shows or music releases in the future?

At this stage we have nothing planned! I’ve got to go and get myself married two-weeks after the show; but if we are all in town and someone wants us at their venue, we won’t rule anything out.


Q: What are some of your favourite memories as a band?

Crazy Tour Shenanigans! Whether it was a sleepy cold week-night in Tumut, where we were amusing ourselves by going to every pub in town and backing up the jukeboxes with Horses by Daryl Braithwaite…Or the most packed shows with endless after parties in Byron or Yamba. It was always the boys in Chuparosa that made it memorable, and the people who came to see us play our music! To say we are excited to do all that again for a night is an understatement!

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Buy your tickets to Chuparosa’s reunion gig now!


Watch Chuparosa live at the Byron Bay in 2015 below:




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