There they go…The one they call…THE CONSPIRACY PLAN!


The Conspiracy Plan!! Front: Den Murray and Ben Jones. Back: Glenn Haworth and Kieran Goodall. Photo courtesy of Glenn Haworth.


The Conspiracy Plan are back! Glenn Haworth shares favourite memories and teases possible future plans for the band.


Wollongong punk rock local legends The Conspiracy Plan are reforming, and it is the long awaited return for fans to get excited about.


Performing at the University of Wollongong Uni Bar on March 18 at Rock 4 Regal, this is the first time that the band have shared the stage together since they announced their hiatus in 2013. Playing along-side other acts, Crash Tragic and Furious Monk; Haworth Guitars and The Conspiracy Plan front-man Glenn Haworth reveals how Rock 4 Regal is an important event that is close to his heart.

“One of my best mates Adam Regal who I grew up with and went to school with, he got diagnosed with Motor Neurones Disease two or three years ago and that’s when Den (drums) started doing these gigs to raise awareness and raise money to try and help find a cure for it. We all grew up together and we’re still really close, so it means a lot that we can help…to show Adam our support, that we care and that we’re all behind him in this journey he is going on”.


Between 2006-2013, The Conspiracy Plan released their EP Can I Borrow a Feeling, which was released in music stores throughout the country. They received media attention with their single Teenage Summer, which aired on Triple J, along with their music videos for Cold Feet and Drift Away on RAGE.

Talking about reforming The Conspiracy Plan, Glenn says it’s great to be performing with his band again. “Getting the band back together is something pretty exciting that we talked about over the last little while”, he explains “it’s going to be great getting back together with the lads…just jamming the songs that we wrote together… that we played endless amounts”.

Having a chat with Mr. Haworth, he reveals how he feels about getting back on stage; The Conspiracy Plan tracks he looks forward to performing again, plus his favourite memories from the band’s touring days.


Q: The Conspiracy Plan are finally back together! How pumped are you to get back on stage with the rest of the guys next month?

Glenn: I’m probably more nervous than excited…we haven’t jammed together in a long time. I think once we’ve actually practised the songs together again, then I’ll start to feel more confident that we’re going to do a good show. At the moment I’m just like “wow I hope we don’t scare people off”, because we haven’t played together in a long time. I think once we start getting back into a routine together and get back into some jamming, I’ll start to get more confident behind the songs and my ability just to sing again. It’s been years since I’ve sung these songs so it’s going to take a bit work getting back to our glory days, but it’s going to be a lot of fun too.

I am actually really excited to get back together and get on stage together with these guys. Travelling around the country with these guys; going down to Melbourne and up to Queensland on tour were some of the best times we’ve had. You’re just around your mates the whole time. Reliving some of that is going to be great.


Q: What tracks are you looking forward to performing again?

A: I always like playing Dangerous…that’s a song that we made a fun film clip for. I also like playing Teenage Summer…it’s about my high-school years in Kiama. Come Back Braggy is always fun too…One of my best mates moved up to western Sydney to get a job as a teacher and he was part of our band, so the song’s saying come back.

Q: Do you think that this reunion will bring about more gigs or tours for the band?

A: Yeah maybe… I can’t say at this stage. I think Den is really the driving force in all this. Den’s got a lot of contacts in Melbourne, so I’m looking forward to maybe doing a few shows on a tour. I can’t see us doing it at the intensity as we did it before a few years ago, but I can see a few more shows coming out of it possibly.


Q: What were some of your favourite memories with The Conspiracy Plan?

A: Aww man, we went up to Byron Bay and we had a ball up there. We didn’t go on tour with just the four of us; we took about fifteen of our closest friends and we went on a mini bus together. That’s probably my best memories just touring around in the bus…Going on a road-trip with these guys, running-a-muck, playing at places we haven’t played before and just travelling around the country side…being idiots together and just having fun.

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