Crash Tragic celebrate ten years on Saturday at Dicey Riley’s. From left to right: Scott Campbell (drums), Anthony Kalsow (lead vocals/guitar), and Paul Ditton (bass). Photo by Peter Hewitt.

Gearing up for their ten-year anniversary gig at Dicey Riley’s, Crash Tragic reveals what they have planned for Saturday night, and their secret to successfully being a band that stays together.  


Wollongong alternative rockers Crash Tragic are celebrating ten-years at Dicey Riley’s on Saturday night and are ready to turn the nostalgia up to eleven.


Performing tracks from their music catalogue that starts with their 2007 self-titled EP, released through Music Farmers, the band will take their fans back to Oxford Tavern days, and just purely rocking out.

Starting off inspired by The Cure, Nirvana and Jimmy Eat World, Crash Tragic’s music created its own individual stamp; gaining a lot of local and Sydney media attention, which included Let’s Go, a single from the debut EP, hitting i98’s airwaves in 2008, along with 2010 track Can’t Go On airing on Triple M and 2Day FM.


If you think Crash Tragic are only looking back and reminiscing though, you are wrong. Talking to front-man Anthony Kalsow, he reveals the band’s secret to staying together all these years, some of his favourite memories with Crash Tragic, plus what they have in-store for fans in the future.


Q: Crash Tragic, you guys are celebrating your ten-year anniversary at Dicey Riley’s on Saturday. How pumped are you guys for this event?

Anthony: We’re really excited to play our ten-year show. We can’t believe it’s been ten-years since our first show at the Oxford Tavern in Wollongong, so it will be great to come together onstage to play a set covering our whole life span.


Q: What do you have planned for your fans on the night? What tracks are you excited to perform?

We’re going to play a set-list covering all of our releases (EP’s and singles). We’re going to be playing them in chronological order of release so it will showcase the different phases (styles) of the band over the years. I think we’re most looking forward to playing some of our early tunes from our debut self-titled EP from 2007.


Q: The last track you released was You Break Me, to raise funds for Motor Neurones Disease in 2014, which raised over $700; plus, you are set to perform at Rock 4 Regal on March 18 at the University of Wollongong’s Uni Bar. What is it like to be a part of such a charitable cause?

Being able to benefit a great cause through our music has been fantastic. We’ve never really been in it for the money and giving back to the Rock 4 Regal cause has been a highlight. Re-recording You Break Me was a great experience too, as we previously released the track as a ballad on our first EP.


“We were lucky that venues like the Oxford Tavern in Wollongong and The Annandale in Sydney were still supporting original music”.


Q:  How awesome does it feel to be a band who has stayed together for ten years? What would say is Crash Tragic’s secret to lasting as long as you have?

I think the secret has been our friendship over the years. We’re great friends away from the band and that’s definitely helped us stay together. Also when we started the band in 2007 we were all fairly settled with our lives. We were past the moving away for work or moving away for uni, so that helped.


Q: Can you recall some of your favourite memories over the years as a band?

We’ve been lucky enough to play support to some awesome acts over the years including: Gyroscope, Kisschasy, After the Fall, Jebediah, and Bodyjar, to name a few. Those big shows and tours will always remain a great memory. We’ve also been lucky enough to have travelled and toured interstate a number of times. Our 2008 Debut EP tour, which took us to Adelaide was a crazy tour, as was Hobart in 2009.


Q:  You guys became Crash Tragic 2007, what were the beginning days of the band like?

The beginning was great. We’d all just come out of bands that broke up so we had fresh ideas and the sound developed really quickly. We were lucky that venues like the Oxford Tavern in Wollongong and The Annandale in Sydney were still supporting original music, so we had an opportunity to play lots of shows in some iconic venues. Sydney was actually really good to us in the early days.


Q: Lastly, what do Crash Tragic have planned for the future?

We still enjoying playing live and writing new material, so I think we’ve got at least another release left in us and a few more shows yet!

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