ISOTOPES – Mates with a debut EP


Isotopes are: Justin Miller, Alexander Maybury, Joshua Wood and Mitch Davie. Photo by Guy Vears.

Isotopes’ Mitch Davie talks about the band’s debut EP Lost, mateship and their live recording in February.


Melodic hardcore rockers, Isotopes are ready to take on 2017 as they start touring and writing new tracks for their next music release.

A Sydney band of mates, Isotopes are pumped for what this year has in-store for them. “2017 is going to be a big year for us”, bassist Mitch Davie reveals “we’re already planning our next recording, started writing new songs, and have a few shows lined up interstate; so we can finally branch out and meet a whole bunch of new faces from different areas. Needless to say we’re absolutely giddy with excitement”.

Unleashing their debut EP Lost last December, it was an achievement that saw the band give fans a set of awesome tracks to rage to, after years of touring and line-up changes since forming in 2013.


Discussing the band’s new music, Mitch describes Lost as a personal journey. “Thematically it’s all about emotional exploration and self-discovery; taking a specific feeling and exploring the effects it has on the protagonist”. All five songs on the EP convey this through powerful aggression that radiates not only from the music, but also in the delivery of the words being belted out in a way that creates empathy. Lost is an emotive EP, which speaks to it listeners who need something to relate to.

Talking to Mitch, he reveals all your need to know about Isotopes, Lost, and their upcoming live video performance in February.



Q: Isotopes; December 2016 saw the release of your debut EP Lost. What was it like to finally record and share your music?
Mitch Davie:
A combination of both relieving and satisfying in a lot of ways.
The band itself had gone through a fair bit of a reshuffle before we started recording, and we were constantly feeling like we had nothing to offer our fans. We’d play shows and have all these songs that kids wanted to hear, but we had nothing to give it to them on. When we released our EP we were able to finally offer something to our fans; something substantial that they could listen to as often as they want.


Q: You guys formed back in 2013, and now here you are with a pretty rad debut EP. What have you enjoyed about being Isotopes over the years?
In a lot of ways we only really became the Isotopes we are today in the last twelve months.
Justin is the only surviving original member and the rest of us joined outgoing previous members at different points in time.
There’s a great chemistry amongst us which we’re sure is present in most bands, but for us personally there’s no gimmick or perk really…we’re just a bunch of mates that are playing songs we think are fun to play; and in a way it’s really satisfying to see people responding in such a positive way to it.


Q: What is Lost essentially about?

Lost is a personal journey; an exploration of one’s self through strengths and weaknesses.
Beginning from the lowest point one can get, we take the listener on a journey through an emotional ascent of self-realisation and loathing, facing harsh truths about their weaknesses, and ultimately acceptance and hope for something better for themselves.
Lost is an open wound for the world to see, exposing the deep seeded emotional turmoil that too many of us hide under the surface. It’s an open letter to say I know you’re hurting, I know you’re in pain and it’s ok.
It’s ok to not be ok.

Q: How did you create and write the music for Lost; what or who was your inspiration?
A lot of the creative spark for the music came from our guitarist Josh. He’s an absolute song machine and kept hitting us with these epic ideas and demos that we just kept digging.
He would write a song, come to us with it and we would talk back and forth about the song structure, and give him our input….and bam! He’d have this tasty little banger for us ready to go.

“We’re just a bunch of mates that are playing songs we think are fun to play”.


Q: How was the recording process for Lost?
The recording process was a lot of fun. We recorded with Stevie Knight at Electric Sun Studios who had a big hand in helping elevate the EP to the next level with his musicianship.
It was an awesome experience, seeing something that you’ve worked so hard on come to life.


Q: Have you gotten any feedback from friends and fans on your new EP; what are some of the kind words that you have received?

The feedback we’ve received so far has been phenomenal.
We never expected such a positive response from people; not just our family and friends, but people we’ve never met before who are approaching us at shows saying how much they love our EP.
We’ve had people reaching out to us from countries we’ve never even been to saying they love the music and that’s just mind blowing in itself. These dudes are on the other side of the world and they’re playing music from five random guys in Sydney! It’s awesome.
It’s really humbling to hear such incredible praise.


Q: Who would you say are your musical influences as a band and why?
As individuals we all have a whole plethora of different influences, but as a unit most of our influences come from acts like: The World Alive, A Day to Remember, The Amity Affliction, and The Plot in You…These bands manage to make powerful verses and heavy breakdowns; but still balance that with large vocal melodies, catchy choruses and really evocative lyrics.


Q: Does Isotopes have any tours lined up?
We’ve got a whole bunch of stuff coming up in early 2017 that will take us to Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne and Adelaide!
As for touring, we’re still working on that one. We’ve started planning our own tour for the East Coast, but for the moment that’s on the backburner.


Q: Which gig are you most pumped for out the moment?

Probably Frankie’s Pizza on February 12, as we’re going to be shooting a live video for our song Picking Up the Pieces.


Want more Isotopes? Check them out via the links below:





Listen to Isotopes’ debut EP Lost on Bandcamp now!

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