Mixtape for the Drive show love for Marty McFly in their new Single.


Mixtape for the Drive! Photo by Damon Velo


Wollongong punk rockers, Mixtape for the Drive released their new single: Roads? Where we’re going we don’t need Roads; when it exploded onto the airwaves last week, November 17, on Triple J’s Short. Fast. Loud.

Their first music release since 2014 debut EP Stories, the new track is a quirky and fun tribute to the beloved character Marty McFly from 80s classic film Back to the Future. With obligatory fast-paced pop punk riffs and rad references to different parts of the movie, Roads? Where we’re going we don’t need Roads is bound to give any 80s child or fans of the movie nostalgia. I predict that, after you listen to the track, you will bust out Back to the Future from your shrine of DVDs and have a movie day or night!

Talking to front-man Dan Southern, he reveals what inspired the movie tribute track, and discusses the band’s upcoming December tour with American-rockers Unwritten Law.


Q: Mixtape for the Drive, you premiered your new track on Triple J’s Short. Fast. Loud last-week. How pumped were you to have Roads? Where we’re going we don’t need Roads playing on-air?

Dan: We were absolutely stoked man! It was the first bit of music we’ve had out since 2014. We’ve written between twenty to fifty demos over the last two years, so to actually record and release this was really special…and for it to be Back to the Future themed was even more special so, I’d say about a million out of ten…if that’s a thing.

 Q: Like you were saying, it is inspired by and a tribute to Marty McFly from Back to the Future! What inspired you to write a song for a movie character in that way?

I think straight up love for the movie (laughs); we all grew up watching it…actually I think Lachlan, our bass player, only just watched it. When we wrote the song, he came back two days later saying “yeah I just watched it, they’re pretty good”, and I was like “what? You’ve only just seen them now?”

It was just a fun idea. We were writing demos over and over, and I guess lyrically you start to think outside the box. It just popped into my head and I thought it’d be really cool to write about favourite movies I like… and from that it dropped into my head how it’d be awesome to write about Marty McFly from Back to the Future; it was just perfect. I wrote out the lyrics in about ten minutes, and the song was done in about two days. We spent very little amount of energy and time on it, because it was that fun. We were having a great time…and it turned out to be the best one that we had out of all of them.

 Q: You guys are also touring with American-band Unwritten Law throughout December. What are you looking forward to the most about touring around Australia?

We all grew up on Unwritten Law, and being able tour with a band that I listened to when I was a kid is the most surreal and unbelievable thing. I remember listening to their album Elva when I was a teenager and being in love with it. You always wish for these things to happen you know, but never think they’re actually going to happen. My favourite thing about this tour is being able to see Unwritten Law and hang out with them every-day; I think that’s going to be really special.





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