Chris Clements says the new sports anthem will “capture the gritty spirit of New York”. Photo by Dom Greco.


RapScallions’ and Screaming Demons bassist Chris Clemence is teaming up with Cro Mags’ Harley Flanagan and Madison Square Garden’s DJ and organist Ray Castoldi to write a new anthem for the New York sports teams: NY Rangers, Giants and Nicks.


Clemence gained huge success with writing RapScallions’ track Can You Feel It, which quickly became a crowd pleaser at the NFL, NBA and other major sporting events such as the Super Bowl XLIV and The World Cup.


Talking about the new track, which the ultimate trio plans to record in New York, Clemence says that the song will encapsulate the city’s atmosphere; adding that Flanagan’s vocals will make that desired sound come to life.

“I sat down with Ray over at the Garden and we discussed wanting to do a song together for the NY sports teams” Clemence explains. “Can You Feel It is a big song for the Rangers so I wanted to follow that up, but this time really capture the gritty spirit of New York, and take it even further…and who better to help do that but to bring a founding father of New York punk rock, Harley Flanagan from Cro Mags to do the vocals”.


Clemence, Flanagan and Castoldi are currently working on the new track, which is set to be released this spring 2016 (Fall).

Want to know more about Chris Clemence? Click on the link below!

Watch RapScallions’ Fox Sports 2014 Performance of Can you Feel It 



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