The Jay Seeney Band Working on New EP Release.


The Jay Seeney Band. Photo by Kat Blackwell


Front-man Jay Seeney talks about his band’s upcoming EP release and flying over to Nashville to record in September.


Sydney country rockers, The Jay Seeney Band have spent the first half of 2016 electrifying stages at plenty of music festivals; and now they are gearing up to release their second EP.

Heading over to Nashville to record in September, front man Jay Seeney is ready to bring the new release and its tracks to life with Grammy award winner, Jamie Tate.

Discussing the EP, Jay revealed that there are different themes linked to each song, which describe emotional experiences. “I think there is a bit more depth in the songs this time around; we’ve explored humanity and delved more into what people experience through their lives”, Jay explains. “Musically, I think there is more variety and we’re taking a step up in production. Expect to hear more riffs!”

Though the band has announced that they are working on their second release, Jay is currently keeping the title of the EP under-wraps. He has, though, hinted at when fans can expect new music, and teases that the EP is set to be released sometime in 2017. “We’re aiming to have the first single out in February”, he reveals “along with a brand new video clip. The EP will follow the single”.


Talking to Jay, he chats about The Jay Seeney Band’s recent and upcoming shows; the new EP and what he has planned for his time in Nashville.


 Q: Jay Seeney; you and your band have had a pretty busy year touring around. What have been some memorable moments for you guys so far?

We have spent so much time on the road as a band and there have been so many! One of the most memorable moments was Urban Country Music Festival; it was our first performance in an arena and the show had a great vibe. The CMC Awards in Queensland is always a big highlight of the year also.

 Q: You also recently performed at the Broadbeach Country Music Festival in Queensland. What was that like? What did you guys get up to while you were there?

Broadbeach is undoubtedly one of the best festivals we have played so far. It was really well run and our show was packed to the rafters. It was in a beautiful location in Surfers Paradise and our show was absolutely packed. During the festival, we enjoyed a few nice restaurants and got out to see a few other great acts.

 Q: What other shows and tours do you have coming up that you’re excited about?

We’re looking forward to playing our first BNS Ball down in Victoria on the 20th of August; we hear they get pretty wild! We also have my Birthday show booked on the 12th of August at The Greens on the Central Coast. I’m sure we will have some fun at them!

Over October and November, I’ll be heading up to Queensland to do some touring with Drew McAlister. It’s always great performing with Drew.

Q: Late last year you guys started writing new material for your next EP release. What can you reveal about your fresh new tracks at the moment? Can you give us a hint at what some of the songs are about?

Yes, over the course of the last nine months we spent a lot of time writing as many songs as we possibly could. By the end of the session, we had 30 completed songs to choose from. From these 30 songs, we’ve chosen the best six to go on the EP. I think this time around the songs are a bit deeper. They have a bit more of a real connection to human experience and all the things people go through. The topics are a bit more diverse this time around, and I think the imagery is more powerful. Of course, we’ve made sure that the songs are coupled with the big, thick sound that we love doing at The Jay Seeney Band.



“Of course in the live shows, we definitely like to lean towards the meaty songs, and there’s a couple of them on the new EP”. Jay Seeney. Photo by Neil McTernan

 Q: You are also going over to Nashville in September to record the new EP. What studio are you recording at, and how do think the recording process will go?

In Nashville, we are recording at the Rukkus Room with Grammy award winner Jamie Tate, who’s producing the EP. Jamie has recorded Number one songs in America and has such a depth of experience. We’re very excited to be working with him to bring these songs to life! We will start by tracking the full band on one day; add overdubs the next day and then add all the vocal parts to the song.

 Q: Are the rest of the band going to Nashville with you?

I’ll be heading over to Nashville myself this trip. After the recordings are complete, I’ll bring the songs back to the band to put our own unique spin on it for the live shows!

 Q: What are you looking forward to the most about heading back to Nashville for the EP?

Nashville has a truly incredible vibe; I would recommend it to any musician or music lover. Although it is a city of over one million people, there is a real strong sense of community and you can find help on any corner. It is the culture of the city that I love the most about Nashville; and the food!

 Q: Will you play any gigs while you’re visiting Nashville, and how long will you be there for?

I’m sure a show or two will pop up whilst I’m in Nashville. Everyone is so willing to help and include any artist. I’m there primarily to record, but I’m sure there will be a few writing sessions and late nights! This one is a short trip; I’ll only be in town for a week and a half.


The Jay Seeney Band! Left to Right: Danielle Colligan (guitar), Jay Seeney, Nathan Edwards (Drums), James Buckingham (Bass). Photo by Adam Marshall.

 Q: What tracks are you excited for your fans to hear and why?

I’m excited to be playing all of these new ones; there’s plenty of variety! Of course in the live shows, we definitely like to lean towards the meaty songs, and there’s a couple of them on the new EP.

 Q: What is your favourite track from the EP and why?

It’s too early for me to pick a favourite. I’m going to wait until they’re completely finished and then I’ll pick one. With the last EP, my favourite track changed from demo to finished product.

 Q: What other plans do the Jay Seeney Band have for the next few months?

We’ll be working on getting this EP all ready and out to the world, along with booking a tour all around Australia.

Message to Fans

 “I’d just like to thank everyone for all the support they given the band over the years. We’re looking forward to playing these brand new tracks for everyone and getting on the road and meeting you all!”

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