Taberah Tease Fans with Two New Upcoming Releases


Taberah Promo3

Taberah!! From Left to Right: Jonathon Barwick (guitar and vocals), Myles Flood (guitar), Tom Brockman (drums) and Dave Walsh (bass). Photo by Ricky Pffeifer.


Taberah’s Tom Brockman talks about the band’s forthcoming album and EP realeases, touring with Nightwish in January and recalls the time he chatted with the late Lemmy Kilmister. 

Aussie heavy metallers, Taberah teased fans through social media by announcing an upcoming EP ‘Welcome to the Crypt’ and a third studio album, which is set to be released later this year.

Last month, the band announced the news on Instagram and unveiled the artwork created by Thrash Wolf for the EP; giving everyone a little taste of what to expect in the next few months. On the post Taberah stated, “As a lot of you may know, we are currently in the studio recording. What you might not know is that we are elbow deep in not one but two releases…Make sure to keep an eye on our page for more news and details”.

Rocking hard in the studio is not all these thrashers have been up to either! Throughout January, the band had the awesome opportunity to share the stage and tour around Australia with symphonic giants, Nightwish. Not a shabby start to 2016!


Talking to Taberah’s drummer, Tom Brockman, he reveals insight into the third studio album and EP ‘Welcome to the Crypt’, what it was like touring with Nightwish and recalls the time he chatted with the late Lemmy Kilmister, Blind Guardian and Hammerfall.


Q: Taberah, you guys recently announced via social media that you are preparing to release not only a new EP but also a third studio album! What inspired you to do this?

Tom Brockman: To be honest, I can’t remember the moment when we decided that we were doing both (laughs), I think it kind of just happened. Jono had the songs written for a while and then we thought “Well whilst we are in the studio, let’s re-record this song” and “Let’s record this track in a different way”. It almost just dropped in our lap and we thought it was a great idea. Then we commissioned some new shirt designs based on a handful of tracks. One that really stuck out was actually the ‘Welcome to the Crypt’ artwork based on the song ‘Crypt’.

From the start we knew we were going to release a track to promote the album, but this idea pretty much morphed into releasing an EP as well with a bunch of cool and interesting tracks that people will hopefully enjoy.

Q: How excited are you for your fans to hear your two upcoming releases? What awesomeness can they expect to hear from your new music?

Tom: Well those who have been to a show over the last twelve months would have caught us playing a couple of the tracks already. ‘Crypt’ and ‘The Final March of Man’ have been in the set for a while now and they are proving to be pretty damn popular with the crowds which is handy.

Essentially it’s just a continuation of our sound. We haven’t made any major changes to what we do; we’re just doing it a whole lot better. Expect big choruses, big hooks, big riffs and a whole heap of fun. Plus a few surprises.


Q: So far you’ve premiered the name of the EP, which is awesomely titled ‘Welcome to the Crypt’, along with the cover art. What inspired the name of this release?

Tom: As I said earlier, it was pretty much born from seeing the shirt design. This came first and we liked it so much that we pretty much based the EP around that. It sounds a bit weird, but it just happened that way and all makes sense as far as our long term plan is concerned.  It is pretty much the introduction of what’s to come.


Q:  So how is ‘Welcome to the Crypt’ and the album different from each other, sound and concept wise?

Tom: Well they are both about putting great songs onto CD’s and getting them out to the masses (laughs).

Without going into too much detail, the EP contains a bunch of songs and interpretations of songs, that wouldn’t really have a place on our album. Once the door was opened all these ideas started flowing and Jono went NUTS! You’ll have to hear it for it to make some sense, but once it is released, all the pieces will be put together (laughs).


Taberah cheekily playing live. Photo by MickG Photography.

 Q: Can you reveal the name of the album?

Tom: It’s named after one of the songs.

Q: What is the name of that song then?

Tom: You’ll have to wait and see! (laughs). I’ll give you a clue though…it’s two words and contains four vowels. You’ve got no chance of guessing it, sorry (laughs).



“We shared beers, stories and had a great time…They were all very lovely people and their whole organisation were great to us”. Tom recalls about hanging with Nightwish.

Q: Out of the EP and the album, which are you going to release first? Can you reveal their release dates or a rough idea of when you plan to unleash them?

Tom: We will be releasing the EP first. This is going to feature the track ‘Crypt’ which will also appear on the album. So along with being a great release on it’s own filled with cool songs, it will also be a massive tease for the full length. We haven’t said this to ANYONE yet, but bar any massive fuck ups from people other than us, the EP will be released in early June and will be followed with a national tour. Some of the dates for those shows will actually be announced in the next few weeks, so keep an eye out.

As far as the album release date goes, that’s the same deal as the title. You’ll have to wait and see (laughs).


Photo by MickG Photography.

Q: How do you feel they are different from your previous albums ‘Necromancer’ and ‘The Light of which I dream’?

Tom: The songs will be better (laughs). The music you’ll hear from us in the next few months will keep the same Taberah sound that people expect; but the quality and maturity of the song writing is better than the first two albums. I’m not afraid to admit that JB does the overwhelming majority of the song writing for Taberah, and what he has done with this new batch of tracks has blown my mind! He’s actually writing album number four at the moment, so the guy never stops (laughs).


Q: You have been in the studio recently working on the EP and album. How has that been going, and what’s it like to be back in the studio creating new music?

Tom: It’s always a whole lot of fun when you get to record. All of the ideas you have come together gradually and it’s a really exciting time just hearing everything take shape.

We work with Joe Haley from the Tassie band Psycroptic and he’s become a great mate of ours over the years, so it’s all just a really enjoyable process.

I wish we could do it more often to be honest, but that might be a bit of a stretch on JB’s song writing speed (laughs).


Q: Any funny and awesome moments from being in the studio so far that you’d like to share?

Tom: The whole thing has been awesome, but a funny moment actually occurred recently. Myles was in the studio singing his parts for an older track we are re-recording. Long story short, it’s one of our most popular songs and we wanted to give it new life and the justice it deserved but didn’t get the first time around due to various reasons. Anyway, he was in doing his vocal harmonies for the chorus and as he was building up his layers it stuck out that it sounded slightly wrong. I questioned the lyrics he was singing and it turns out that he has been singing a singular word wrong. Fans, it’s never been noticed as it’s always in layers of harmonies (laughs). This is a track that we play at pretty much EVERY show and have done so for the past six years (laughs). It was absolute gold at the time and we all just lost our shit.


Photo by MickG Photography.


Q: What are your favourite tracks off ‘Welcome to the Crypt’ and the album?

Tom: If I told you that then I’d essentially reveal both complete Track-lists to you! (laughs). I personally love every song we have done for these projects. In particular, though, there are three tracks on the EP where JB really flexed his musical muscles and created some amazingly entertaining music. They made me laugh and smile, and I actually had our own melodies stuck in my head for a couple of days, so he must have done something right!


 Q: You guys also toured with Nightwish in January. What was that like, and are there any favourite memories that you can recall?

Tom: The Nightwish tour was absolutely amazing, and before we go on too far, I’d like to thank Nik Petrov, Brent McCammon and Dave Balfour for making it all possible for us; but I digress, the tour was amazing. I know it doesn’t make sense, but it was the longest week of my life, though it went really fast (laughs).

We played to massive crowds, played great shows, got amazing responses and reviews, sold a metric shit ton of merchandise and came back with more money to pour into the recording. The only tiny blemishes on the week were a couple of excess baggage charges and a nasty bout of food poisoning, but that’s all part of the experience.  I won’t list all the memorable moments as we’d be here for days, but we had fun (laughs).


Q: What were Nightwish like to hang with?

Tom: We actually got to spend more time with their crew and managers to tell you the truth. When you get the chance to play with big bands like this we had to take into consideration that these guys go all around the world and are, not forced, but required to meet a whole bunch of new people every day as part of their job. We had brief conversations with the guys when we could, but we didn’t impose ourselves or become a nuisance. This wasn’t to say they were rude, it’s just that WE didn’t want to be rude (laughs). On the final night in Adelaide we were invited to their dressing room. We shared beers, stories and had a great time before they had to go back to their hotel. They were all very lovely people and their whole organisation were great to us.


Taberah on tour with Nightwish in January. Photo courtesy of Tom Brockman.

Q: Nightwish are not the only big name bands you’ve shared the stage with either. You have also played alongside Motorhead, Hammerfall, Blind Guardian and many others. What memories do you personally dig from touring with these bands?

Tom: We just like getting in front of the big crowds. It’s not every day you get to be in a band and play in front of twenty-five hundred people in Sydney. A lot of bands never get to do it in fact, so the whole experience of doing these big international shows is something that is memorable to me. If I had to pick my favourite memory or experience from our shows over the years, it would have to be meeting Lemmy. The dude had the aura of a god! It was incredible to be in his presence. He probably didn’t know who we were, what we were doing there and why we were backstage, but it was still very surreal having a brief chat with him!

Oh! Also talking about Queen with Hansi Kürsch from Blind Guardian, and a very in depth discussion about professional wrestling with Oscar Dronjak from Hammerfall! Look what you’ve done now! You got me started (laughs).


 Q: What else does Taberah have planned for the year?

Tom: Our plan is pretty simple for the rest of the year. Release, Promote, Tour, Repeat!

We’ve got a fair bit of momentum lately coming off the tours we’ve been part of, so we just want to keep everything going upward and stay in the public eye. We’ve got some big plans underway as well, but like I said before, you’ll just have to wait and see (laughs).



Message to Fans


 “We’d just like to say a massive thank you to everyone that has been part of the ride so far. We couldn’t be doing what we’re doing without the people who come to the shows, buy our merchandise, share our songs and videos; and tell our mates about our band. Those amazing people make doing what we do so much more rewarding. Also, make sure you keep your eyes pealed, as we’ve got ALOT in the works at the moment and heaps of exciting things about to happen. You won’t want to miss out on hearing the news!”


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Photo by Ricky Pffeifer


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