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Lint playing at Dicey Riley’s in 2015. From left to right: Brad Hayne, David Gollop and Clinton Coker. Photo by Mandy Craig


Guitarist Brad Hayne discusses memories and Lint’s final gig.

Wollongong sludge metal outfit, Lint is saying goodbye to the local music scene next month, making the difficult decision to split after the departure of their bassist.

Earlier this week the band released a statement on their Facebook page announcing the news to their fans, saying “No use hiding it…our singer/bassist/songwriter Clint has decided to leave the band, and we have collectively decided to end Lint”. Elaborating further they added, “We always stuck to the notion that we are made up of the sum of our parts. If one of three leaves, the triangle doesn’t work. We certainly didn’t plan to stop this anytime soon, but the thought of reconstruction under another form at the moment is just as painful.”

Lint’s last gig is set for February 13 at Jane’s in Wollongong, where they will now be headlining, with the original headliners MSV BCP giving them the time slot in honour of their final live set. The venue revealed this change on the event page stating “This will be Lint’s last hurrah…MSV PCP have graciously stepped aside to allow Lint to play last. Let’s send the guys off with some proper fuzz love”.

Lint started rocking the Wollongong music scene with their unique brand of psychedelic sludge metal in 2009. In that time the band released EPs ‘Ships in the Sky’ (2011), and ‘Fleeting/Into the Tide’ (2015), along with their 2013 album ‘Existence’.

“Maybe we didn’t do things the way a band should…but no one sounded like us and I’m proud of that”.

Anybody that went to a Lint gig will always remember their hard-core fuzz sound, and the energy they put into their performance. Playing barefoot on stage to a dedicated circle of fans, who are seen standing very close to the stage swaying to the music in their grunge flannel attire.


Lint Rehearsing at Kickstart Rehearsal Studios in 2012. Photo by Mandy Craig.

Talking with guitarist Brad Hayne, he recalled what he loved the most about being a part of Lint and who inspired them to be who they are today, saying “This project started in the most chaotic way as an escape from normal band routines. Maybe we didn’t do things the way a band should…but no one sounded like us and I’m proud of that. I’d much rather play like crap and be unique rather than perfect and blend into the wallpaper. I love hearing people come up to me and tell me they enjoyed our set, even if I have a hard time believing it. They are the people that kept us going.”


Adam and Producer Duck from Main Street getting in on the fun with Lint in 2013, recording ‘Existence’. Photo by Mandy Craig

Musing over the years of memories, Brad explained that most of them were filled with friends, bands and recording. “One comes to mind. Playing in a library with Kaleidoscope when they were just starting out. It seems strange…like a million miles away from now. We did so many shows together in the early days. My most fond memories are just meeting new friends through the band and goofing around in Main St Studios”.

Finally, when asked about how the band will feel on the night of their last gig at Jane’s, Brad comically answered with, “Tired? (laughs) Oh and thirsty. Is there a word for Excited and Thirsty? Exthirsted?”


Want to know more about Lint? Check them out via the links below, and follow the third link for more info on their final gig in February!



Lint’s final gig at Jane’s

Listen to Lint’s 2015 EP release ‘Fleeting/Into the Tide’ now!

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