The Jay Seeney Band’s Indescribable Year!



The Jay Seeney Band! Left to Right: Danielle Colligan (guitar), Jay Seeney, Nathan Edwards (Drums), James Buckingham (Bass). Photo by Adam Marshall.


Front man, Jay Seeney talks debut EP, Nashville and what his band has in store for 2016.

Sydney country rockers with an edge, The Jay Seeney Band have definitely left memorable impressions on many fans throughout the year with relentless touring and the release of their debut EP The New Black in October.

Stating this is no mere trifle either, as the band have not only revealed a new music video for their single Every Time it Rains, which is set to be released on February 5, 2016, but also that they are nominated in the Australian Country Music People’s Choice Awards.

In a status update on the band’s Facebook page on December 20, front man Jay Seeney stated, “pleased to announce, I am finalist in four categories…Best Group or Duo, Best Video – Indescribable, Most Promising Future Star, Best Song – Indescribable. Thank you for everyone that voted for us”.

Having only formed two years ago, Jay Seeney and the other talented legends in the band hit the Aussie country scene with the awesome intention to create a new and captivating way to entertain fans by mixing country with other genres that inspire them. Digging music artists such as: Halestorm, Green Day, Joe Satriani, Brad Paisley and Eric Church, The Jay Seeney Band definitely have a unique sound that comes alive through the tracks on their EP, which takes country to another wicked level.

Talking to Jay, he recalls his favourite moments of 2015, recording The New Black in Nashville with musicians that have worked with Taylor Swift and Tim McGraw, along with an exclusive of what the band have planned for 2016.


Q: Jay Seeney your band has had quite a year! From releasing your debut EP, The New Black, to performing at country music festivals such as Urban Country Music Festival, Sydney Country Music Festival and the Tamworth Country Music Festival. You’re on fire! What have you loved about these pivotal moments in 2015, and why?

Jay Seeney: It sure has been an amazing year for the band; it’s nice to see that fans and the industry alike are getting on board! Some of the highlights have been getting out on the road and doing some travelling with the band as well as releasing our first couple of singles and watching them do really well on the radio and TV!

Q: The band has been gigging around a lot this year too. What are some of your favourite places that you performed at, and what do you love about playing live to fans?

Jay: Yes, we sure have. I think we doubled our collective bank of crazy stories this year! Some of the most memorable places we have played this year have been: Bendigo, Thargomindah, Newcastle, Sydney Country Music Festival and our EP launch at Rooty Hill RSL. The thing I love the most about playing to the fans is that they love music just as much as we do! You can feel the energy in the air!

“I’ve always looked up to artists that have developed their own unique sound and don’t sound like any one else. That has always been the goal with this band”.

Q: You also have a New Years Eve gig happening at Warwick Rodeo. What can you tell us about that, and how pumped are you for it?

Jay: Yeah, everyone knows that NYE is always gonna be a bit wild, wherever you are! The town of Warwick holds a giant rodeo every year on New Year’s Eve and it will be an honour to perform at this event. The country folk certainly don’t mind a drink or two and neither do we!

Q: You guys recently filmed a new music video for your recent single release Every Time it Rains, of which you have shared a behind the scene video and photos on social media with your fans. How was the process of creating the music video, and how do you feel the video conveys the story within the song?

Jay: Every Time It Rains was certainly one of the most fun videos we have done, there is not a single scene in this clip that doesn’t contain water of some sort. Myself and the band got absolutely soaked for this one! In this clip, we shot each instrument one at a time in the rain. When I say rain, I mean torrential downpour! I think the song will get carried lyrically, it’s one that you can really get into and everyone will relate their own special memories to the song.


“The thing I love the most about playing to the fans is that they love music just as much as we do! You can feel the energy in the air!” Jay Seeney. Photo by Neil McTernan

Q: Your music is like a cool hybrid of country and rock, of which The New Black really reflects through heart warming tracks like Any Love Before, and the edgier rock ‘n’ roll tunes such as I Just Want Tequila. What inspired you to write and perform this rad style of music?

Jay: The brand of country rock that we play is quite unique within the Australian scene.  Having played in bands for years, I have a real appreciation of many different styles of music including: rock, country, metal, blues, jazz and orchestral. When I’m writing and performing, I don’t specifically stick to country and rock, it’s an amalgamation of what I have been influenced by over the years. I’ve always looked up to artists that have developed their own unique sound and don’t sound like any one else. That has always been the goal with this band.

 Q: What is The New Black about in your opinion, and how did it feel to release your debut EP in October?

Jay: The New Black is a statement. It was designed to push the boundaries of what you would generally find in country music. It’s basically a challenge! We worked on this EP for a long time before we released it. It’s been a year and a half in the making! I’m stoked that we finally have something physical that we can hold and release!

Q: What was the writing process like for The New Black and what track off the EP do you personally dig?

Jay: The writing process for The New Black was great, I had the opportunity to write with a lot of incredible writers including Drew McAlister. In total, there were about twenty tracks written and we took the best six to record. I love them all as they are vastly different from each other in their own way. In terms of performing, my favourite track is I Just Want Tequila. It’s thick, it’s meaty and it’s heavy. Everything you need in a live performance!


Photo from upcoming music video for Every Time it Rains. Due for release February 2016. Photo courtesy of Jay Seeney.

 Q: You guys also travelled to Nashville in 2014 to record the EP, working with Dark Horse Records and musicians that have recorded alongside the likes of Taylor Swift and Tim McGraw. What was that like, can you recall your favourite moments?

Jay: Yes! That was such a great experience, the musicians over there are incredibly talented as they live and breathe it. During the recording process, these guys brought a lot of extra life to the songs with their inventive licks and intuition. One particular moment that stands out was during the recording of Indescribable. This song started out as guitar driven power ballad. During the recording process, I suggested to Billy (Tim McGraw’s keyboard player), that it could be great to lay down some piano on the track. He agreed and played this incredible arrangement of the song on piano. It was such a beautiful representation that it altered the entire feel of the song and took it in a new direction which was awesome to hear.

Q: What was the Nashville music scene like to experience, and how do you feel it differs from the Aussie scene?

Jay: The Nashville scene is vastly different to the Australian scene. The first thing I noticed whilst I was over there was how friendly and willing to help everyone was. It wasn’t long before I’d made a couple of great friends in the town and we were out every night listening or performing music. Nashville really is a unique place in the world. You can walk into a bar at midday on Monday and find three bands on three levels in the one hotel. There’s just a lot more support over there for live music.

 Q: What is happening for the Jay Seeney Band in 2016, can fans expect a debut album maybe in the next few months ahead?

Jay: We’re still deciding between an EP or a full length album at the moment, we are currently getting stuck into all the writing and it’s been a fun process so far. There’s some really promising stuff already.

We are looking forward to a couple of big festival announcements and a few more tour dates, 2016 is gonna be a rockin’ year for the Jay Seeney Band!

Want to more of The Jay Seeney Band? Check them out via the links and their Any Love Before music video below:






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