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Wollongong Indie folk artist, Leo releases her second single release ‘Let Her Go’, for the year, dedicated as an emotional tribute to a close friend.

Originally from Kandos, NSW, Leo’s Lucy Mills started her solo career this year with the release of her debut single ‘Daniel’ earlier in June. Growing up listening to bands like Fleetwood Mac and Aussie artist Missy Higgins, Leo’s music definitely has the same folk feel radiating through her two single releases.

Basing her songs off memories that are important to her, Lucy’s new track ‘Let Her Go’ has a smooth laid back acoustic vibe accompanied by sweet yet melancholy vocals, raw lyrics and a wistful violin to carry it along.

            “I’ve always written songs inspired by emotion rather than melody”, Lucy states “‘Let Her Go’ is about the time my close friend told me she was going to transition from female to male. The song is based on the questions I had about how our relationship might change once ‘She’ started becoming ‘He’…”

“My emotions were intense after I heard of my friend’s decision. She (I use “she” because at the time that’s the pronoun she was using) and I had shared a lot of life-changing experiences. I felt like I was grieving for the body she was leaving behind, but I was also happy that she could finally be the person she wanted to be.”

Working with local music artists to record ‘Let Her Go’ Lucy described how fortunate it was to work with friends to make the song come together in a way to really represent the feelings of the track.

“While recording ‘Let Her Go’ I felt pressure to refresh this old song in a way that would convey the emotion”, Lucy explains, “I decided to call on other musicians to try things out on this single with Ryan Dalla on drums, Lindsay Martin on violin; Fernando Valenzuela on bass, Nick Di Giorgio on electric and Denise Thomas on back-up vocals. I feel lucky to have worked with such lovely, local musicians.”

Leo’s debut EP is also in the works, with a release date sometime in 2016.

Listen to Leo’s new track ‘Let Her Go’ on Soundcloud below.


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