Roses in Hand free fall with their upcoming debut EP Release

Roses in Hands' Jessica (Vocals) Allen and Sam Burrell (guitar). Photo courtesy of Roses in Hand.

Roses in Hands’ Jessica (Vocals) Allen and Sam Burrell (guitar).
Photo courtesy of Roses in Hand.

Roses in Hand talk self-titled EP, Free Fall, Star Wars, and reveal the beginnings of a future album in the works.

Wollongong’s music duo, Roses in Hand are preparing to unleash their debut self-titled EP, and it’s building up to be a very cool and edgy pop release.

Bringing their unique music alive near the end of 2014, Roses in Hands’ Jessica Allen and Sam Burrell have worked hard to create a fresh sound all of their own. In May the duo released their debut single Free Fall, with an accompanying music video that soon followed. The song and its video gives a close look into all the different facets that make Roses in Hand “free fall” into awesomeness; with futuristic elements and earthy EDM vibes.

Though there is no set date as yet for the release of the EP, the pair are busy getting it all together.

“We are in an exciting time now where we get to smash the vocals out”, guitarist, Sam enthuses “ we’re doing all the final touches before we send it off to get mastered.”

“I’m just singing’ my heart out at the moment”, Jessica adds.

Now that Spring is here, and there are many roses blooming, it’s time to become acquainted with this music duo if you haven’t already.

Describing their music as a hybrid of genres smooshed together, Roses in Hand are a band to watch out for and listen to right now in the Wollongong music scene.

Talking to Jessica Allen – the one with the massive vocals, and Sam Burrell, who has the sick guitar in the Free Fall video, they reveal all you need to know about their self-titled EP, along with other rad Roses in Hand facts.

Q: Roses In Hand, you are currently working on your forthcoming debut EP. What can you reveal about the self-titled release and is there an overall theme within the music?

Sam Burrell: If you’ve heard us live then you’ve already had sneak peaks into the songs. We have a few surprises, but I think people are going to really enjoy it. I wouldn’t say there is one set theme but we have used the human body and emotions throughout all the songs.

Jessica Allen: Each song ties in with another in it’s own way, but each are their own. We’ve written the EP in a way so our audience can relate to each song.

Q: How would you describe your sound? 

Sam: When you get all different kinds of fruit and add some chocolate and honey throw it in a blender…but no seriously our music is for our audience and we like to keep it lively and throw in some humour.

Jessica: I always say “Electric Pop Rock with everything we like smooshed into it”. Got to keep the audience intrigued!

“Each song is emotional in it’s own right depending on how you view the lyrics” Jessica.

Q: What artists or bands influence your music style and why?

Sam: We have many different genre’s as you can hear in the mix such as EDM, dub, rock, folk and dream pop. We don’t like to sound like anyone else and try to keep it fresh as we can.

Jessica: I’m more into indie/folk and mellow music. I focus more on the vocals and the storytelling in songs, which I love. But if I were to choose a few artists, I like Mumford and Sons, Angus and Julia Stone, Adele, Laura Marling, Alison Wonderland, and Ellie Goulding.

 Q: Is there any particular artists Roses in Hand are digging this month?

Sam: Alison Wonderland – she’s hot, I need her number.

Jessica: I’ve been really into Sam Smith’s stuff lately. I love the melody lines and how he portrays what he’s feeling.

Q: What would you say your self-titled EP is about? 

Sam: Basically it’s about human emotion. We tried to make it as honest as possible, so the lyrics dig deep. It just gives it that added layer in a live performance.

Jessica: Most of it is about chasing what you want. That’s the best way of putting it I guess. Each song is emotional in it’s own right depending on how you view the lyrics.

Q: The first single off the EP Free Fall, you released earlier this year, giving your fans a taste of what’s to come. Can you recall your excitement of debuting the track? 

Sam: It was more of a relief to get the first one out of the way. Having people say that they’ve listened to it, bought it, had it on repeat and find something in the lyrics is really rewarding. It’s like dipping the toe…

Jessica: I was actually very excited to release Free Fall. I found myself “free falling” (pun intended), into writing something completely different than what I was used to. Everybody was so excited to hear what we have created, and now the song is up on Vevo and iTunes! It still feels good, and I’m keen for our next release!

 Q: Free Fall has a very edgy pop vibe with EDM in the mix too. Does this encapsulate how the rest of the tracks will sound?

Jessica: We’ve practically smooshed every genre we like into each song.

Sam: Yeah we’ve gone a real pop vibe with a mixture of other genres that we enjoy. We’ve kind of hidden other genres throughout the music and each song tells a different story of this mixed with our EDM style.

Q: You also released a Free Fall music video. How do you feel it compliments the track, and what is its story?

Sam: The video clip tells a different story and has a different perspective to how the lyrics can be interpreted. We actually filmed it around our hometown with a really great director from the Netherlands, Sander Bruggink. Think Soap Opera, Sliders and Star Wars.

Jessica: To be honest, I giggle every time I watch the music video. I love it so much because it’s so cheesy and awesome at the same time, and you just want to watch it again…but basically what Sam said; you can interpret the lyrics however you choose. The music video takes the obvious “Free Fall”, taking a leap and chasing what you want in life, without being so serious.

 Q: Lyrically speaking can you reveal what some of the tracks are about, and which is your favourite off the EP?

Sam: My favourite track would have to be Puppet. It’s about Pinocchio wanting to become a real boy, but the twist is that he has to kill to do so. It’s a bit morbid, but it’s a really rad concept.

Jessica: As said before, each song ties into the other, in it’s own way, but each have their own story. Mostly about chasing what you want. My favourite has always been Free Fall, but now it’s Puppet. I got to use some darker lyrics and twist everything around which was pretty fun.

Q: What is it like working in the studio, any particular awesome moments you’d like to share?

Sam: Love studio time, we are very lucky to be able to do most of the work ourselves. It gives us a lot of time and freedom to be creative, working with different sounds and frequencies in each song.

Jessica: Hours and hours of studio time. It’s always interesting.
We spent way too much time on a particular song one day, and it got to the best of us. So we had some fun and wrote this really random song based off the “I love cats” eharmony remix. I think Sam had a bit too much fun on that one…we might release that as our new single.

“Our music is for our audience and we like to keep it lively and throw in some humour” Sam. 

Q: What was the writing process like for the EP?

Sam: It was fun. We’d record a song and track it, then use the tracks in our live shows every month. Our main focus was just about writing music that makes you feel good, that you’d want to listen to in the car. I think we have achieved that; we’ll have to find out!

Jessica: We spent a lot of time on the writing of each track, from each small detail in the music, to the careful structure of the lyrics and bringing out the story. There were a few hiccups in the road, but that was expected. We just put a lot of effort into the EP to get it sounding how we want. Hard work always pays off in the end!

Q: What else can we expect from Roses In Hand in the future, anything you’d like to reveal? 

Sam: Well we’ve already started working on songs for the next album and we have some really cool merch coming too.

Jessica: Awesome merch. Awesome music. Feels. We’re planning on touring in the near future!

Roses in Hand’s messages to the fans

“Come check out the show for cake and pie…the cake and pie are not included” Sam Burrell.

“Thanks for the love with Free Fall! Y’all should be our friend on Instagram and party hard at our shows” Jessica Allen.

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Roses in Hand 


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