TEMTRIS release ‘Awakening’ music video

Tetris release new music video, 'Awakening'.  Photo by Mick Goddard.

Temtris release new music video, ‘Awakening’.
Photo by Mick Goddard.

Nowra metal band, Temtris released their music video for ‘Awakening’ today, a track that was originally released on their 2003 album, ‘Threshold’.

The band recently ‘re recorded ‘Awakening’ for Kingdom of Kai project and fundraiser.

Talking exclusively to Music Mayhem, lead vocalist Genevieve Rodda discussed why Temtris chose the track for the fundraiser and the creation of the music video saying, ” We decided to do this song as it’s about a new beginning. Starting strong and conquering adversity. We decided to do the clip with a green screen as we had a vision of wanting to use something visual that is powerful. This is why we have lightning behind us when we play.”

Genevieve also went on to reveal another single and video is set to be released later this year. “We are extremely happy with how it (Awakening) turned out. We filmed and edited it ourselves and have learnt a lot from this. We will be returning with another single in a few months and another clip hopefully even bigger and better.”

Watch ‘Awakening’ music video below now! 

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