All Our Exes Live In Texas discuss debut album and exciting times touring with the Backstreet Boys

All Our Exes Live in Texas and the Backstreet Boys.  Bottom image: Hannah Crofts, Elana Stone, Katie Wighton and Georgia Mooney.  Photo courtesy of All Our Exes Live in Texas.

All Our Exes Live in Texas and the Backstreet Boys.
Bottom image: Hannah Crofts, Elana Stone, Katie Wighton and Georgia Mooney.
Photo courtesy of All Our Exes Live in Texas.

Folk Singers, All Our Exes Live in Texas talk upcoming debut album, touring with the Backstreet Boys and Benedict Cumberbatch.

Australian folk band, All Our Exes Live in Texas are writing new material for their upcoming debut album, which is set to be released in early 2016.

All Our Exes live in Texas are four extraordinary voices from Sydney accompanied by a mandolin, ukulele, guitar and accordion; and they possess the gift to hypnotise their audiences through a song.

With a 2013 EP and two tracks already released from their upcoming debut album, the band shows their comedic side in single Tell Me, and their skills in crooning a tale in February release, Sailboat.

The girls also recently toured Australia in May, opening for boy band, the Backstreet Boys on their In A World Like This Tour, a moment, which they have described as “one of those crazy once in a lifetime experiences”.

Talking to vocalist and mandolin player, Georgia Mooney, she reveals the band’s progress with their 2016 debut album release, their adventure touring with the Backstreet Boys, and Benedict Cumberbatch.

“We are still working it out a little bit and thinking about it really carefully as you only get one chance at a debut album”. Says Georgia about creating their upcoming release, adding how each track will be diverse. “First and foremost, we want to be as true to the songs as possible. As there are four songwriters, the themes and the music tends to be quite diverse, which is a really nice thing. We’ll record them as we play them live and then arrange them in a way that works best. We’ll record with a rhythm section and various other instruments which is always exciting. We’re going to tour the album with a full band so that’s fun too!”
So far the band have written most of the tracks for the album, and are knuckling down to write more. The name of their album and some of the unreleased tracks are still a mystery, though Georgia muses that one of the pieces may be about a certain Sherlock actor.

“I’m sure there will be a fair few about breakups, friendships and, you know, love and feelings and all that rubbish. Can’t give it all away you see”, Georgia states, “I can tell you that I’m writing one about Benedict Cumberbatch though”.

Talking more about the album, Georgia reveals how the upcoming release is uniquely different compared to their EP saying, “It will be all original songs for a start which is exciting. […] We recorded the EP as a snapshot of a live show and it has been great for that, but the album will allow us to flex our arranging and production muscles a little more”.

Singles Tell Me and Sailboat are examples of these differences with their full band arrangements, which Georgia says will be heard throughout the rest of the album, with the harmonies as the central part of the music.
“It’s really exciting to collect all of our favourite songs and finally wrap them up in a lovely little package. […] Harmonies will always be central to the sound and like for those singles, we’re arranging the songs for a band”.

All Our Exes Live In Texas with the Backstreet Boys on their, 'In A World Like This' Tour in May.

All Our Exes Live In Texas with the Backstreet Boys on their, ‘In A World Like This’ Tour in May. Photo Courtesy of All Our Exes Live In Texas.

Recalling the night All Our Exes Live in Texas were given the news that they were to tour with the Backstreet Boys in May, Georgia described their excitement saying,

“We had a gig together that night and we were jumping around like maniacs. We had forty-eight hours to prepare ourselves, musically and emotionally. We definitely didn’t get much sleep. I used to kiss my Backstreet Boys posters every night in Primary School so the eleven year old inside me had gone completely mental”.

Going on to talk about the tour, Georgia discussed what it was like to perform for huge audiences around Australia. “We were more nervous than we’ve ever been, before the first show in Melbourne”. She said, “we were worried about how the audience would react to having a little folk band play before the biggest boy band of all time. It all went really well and it was just a total rush playing in venues that big”.

Talking about the Backstreet Boys, Georgia said, “They were really lovely guys and very supportive. We were really chuffed to learn that they had picked us personally to do the support”.

When asked what her favourite memories of hanging with the Backstreet Boys were, Georgia stated, “There are so many! AJ, Howie and Brian crashed the stage during our set and photo bombed us. Kevin taught us some of the moves to Backstreet’s Back and we had a ball dancing on the side every night, having the boys laugh at us from the stage.”

Describing the tour as a whole Georgia exclaimed, “Oh man it was one of those crazy once in a lifetime experiences. It came about so unexpectedly. […] As mega fans when we were little, we were pinching ourselves the whole time. It really couldn’t have been any more fun!”



Q: What bands and artists inspire your music and why?
So many! We love the songwriting and harmonies of Kate & Anna McGarrigle. We all have a big soft spot for Dolly Parton and of course classic folk songwriters like Joni Mitchell. As far as current music goes, we love Ainslie Wills, Sufjan Stevens, Father John Misty, Wagons, Laura Marling and musicians who are doing something a little bit different and modern while still drawing inspiration from traditional folk music.

Q: What message would you like to shout out to the fans?
We have been so lucky and met so many lovely people in the two years that we have been playing together. We have such incredible gratitude for the people who come to our shows, time after time and enjoy the music. All we can hope for really is for people to come and have a good time. If we’re putting a little bit of happiness out into the world then it all feels just right.

“We had a ball dancing on the side every night, having the boys laugh at us from the stage.” Georgia Mooney.

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