ALBUM REVIEW – NERGARD – A Memorial for a Wish

Nergard - Memorial For A Wish - BP032 - 2013



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All-star band from Norway takes listeners on a melodic journey.

By Mandy Craig.

Norway’s melodic metallers Nergard, an all-star band formed by Andreas Nergard, definitely know how to infuse metal and emotion together, especially in their 2013 album, Memorial for a Wish.

From beginning to end, Memorial for a Wish, will transport its listeners into another realm, where they will feel, sympathise and mourn for the protagonist, whose story is woven throughout each track.

Being a concept album about a man named Peter O’Donnell from Ireland, it is a journey of his life full of sadness and torment, as he is sentenced to 20 years of jail – a hell where he yearns for his wife and unborn child.

With a cinematic feel in the opening track, Twenty Years in Hell, Nergard uses bell tolls, the melancholy vibe of the violin, and symphonic elements to introduce the judge sentencing Peter O’Donnell. Later we hear the protagonist narrate, “Shadows are all that I see now, nothing but darkness,” with deep undertones of accompanying piano, before the track soars into melodically powerful riffs and back into awesome vocals that set up the emotions conveyed perfectly through the tracks that follow.

Other notable songs off the album are: A Question of God – this track has an anthemic appeal. With hard rock elements expressed through the driving force of the drums and guitars, and the powerful vocals of Tony Mills, you can imagine hearing this track live in a massive arena. Hell on Earth, sung by Mike Vescera has a more traditional melodic sound. This track is brilliantly orchestrated with massive riffage, and a unforgetable solo three minutes in.

Over all, Memorial for a Wish, has tracks that soar into diverse depths, like the power metal feel in An Everlasting Escape; cinematic and novelistic narration, massive solos, and darkened emotions expressed in the lyrics. This is an album that will leave an impressionable impact.


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