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Platinum Brunette release their new EP, "Run to the Heels."  From Left to Right: Britney Houston, Demonica Lewinsky, and Magda Marylene.  Photo courtesy of Platinum Brunette.

Platinum Brunette release their new EP, “Run to the Heels.”
From Left to Right: Britney Houston, Demonica Lewinsky, and Magda Marylene.
Photo courtesy of Platinum Brunette.

Platinum Brunette talk about their new EP, “Run to the Heels,” Star Wars, and butt implants.


By Mandy Craig.

Put your eyeliner and lipstick on! Platinum Brunette’s Demonica Lewinsky, Britney Houston and Magda Marylene have returned with their second EP, “Run to the Heels.”

With an onslaught of riffage and awesomely crafted lyrics, “Run to the Heels,” offers to take its listeners to the realm of fun crude tracks with a little twerking, medieval melodies and the dark side of the force.

Talking the punk/metal heads of glamour, they discuss all you need to know about, “Run to the Heels.”


Q: How do you feel this, “Run to the Heels,” reflects Platinum Brunette?

Demonica: This is basically the Platinum Brunette I always dreamed of. It’s kind of a cliché but this feels very much like a first release, even though I loved the last album.

Britney: We’re doing it all backwards. This is our debut, the last album was our sophomore, and the previous releases were the band changing line-ups and turning to shit.


Q: The EP’s title, and the wicked bonus track definitely shows your love for Iron Maiden. What inspired you to do this?

Demonica: There was no real thought to it. It was pure coincidence that the EP title and the cover tune both reflected our love of Maiden. Other influences crept in there too – some Chili Peppers in the guitar playing, Magda channeling Gene Simmons on the cover, some serious Star Wars in ‘Midwife Crisis’ etc.

Britney: There’s some wonderful Celtic Folk in ‘Bitch Tits’ too.


Q: Each track has such a lively impact, and the lyrics have just the right amount of comedy and crudeness. How would you describe the meanings of the tracks on this release?

Demonica: “The Kids Are Not Alright,” is like the traditional teen angst rock song turned on its head, with commentary about Kardashian culture as well as social media solipsism. “Post-coital Disinterest Blues,” is self-explanatory. “God Is A Prick,” is about the philosophical problem of evil and the idea that free will isn’t so free if the penalty for disagreement is eternal fire! “Midwife Crisis,” is about facing the idea of having kids in a world that thinks there’s nothing nobler than simply getting pregnant. We seem to live in a culture that encourages procreation without pausing to consider exactly what kind of families we actually want to create.

“This is basically the Platinum Brunette I always dreamed of.” Demonica reveals about “Run to the Heels.” Photo by Lord Tim.


Q: “Midwife Crisis,” seems to have the dark force on its side, and in the other tracks you can hear the enjoyment in the performance musically and lyrically. What do you love about the music you write?

Demonica: The fact that we have no lid. We can say what we like. Most traditional rock n roll topics bore the hell out of me.

Britney: Plus we’re not famous enough to annoy anyone. There’s great freedom in being universally ignored.

Magda: Amen!


Q: What was the recording process like for, “Run to the Heels?”

Demonica: An absolute pleasure all round. Lord Tim produced and we had an almost psychic connection…

Magda: Or ‘psycho’ connection…

Demonica: (Laughs) Indeed! No, the whole thing went down easily and was great fun, plus we were free to try some different styles and sounds and new ways of making rude words rhyme.


Q: What is next for Platinum Brunette, any music videos or tours in the near future?

Demonica: Well we fully intended to quit after the last album and here we are with more music! Sigh. There’s no grand marketing plan but we will be shooting a video for ‘Kids’ next month, and Magda has a few unfortunate video ideas for ‘God Is a Prick’…

Magda: Just keeping things lively!

Britney: I plan to get butt implants and become a backing singer for Nicki Minaj.


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“Run to the Heels,” out now on iTunes! and Platinum Brunette Website!


Want more Platinum Brunette? Check them out via the following links:


Official Website



Listen to “Run to the Heels,” on Spotify!

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