Flaming Wrekage Bring Back the Riff!

Flaming Wrekage! From left to right: Luke Jackson (Drums) Dave Lupton (Vocals/guitar) James Buckingham (Bass) Justin Humphry (Guitar)  Photo by Sam Bellwood

Flaming Wrekage!
From left to right: Luke Jackson (Drums) Dave Lupton (Vocals/guitar) James Buckingham (Bass) Justin Humphry (Guitar)
Photo by Sam Bellwood

Flaming Wrekage’s Dave Lupton talks Bring Back the Riff Tour, and their debut album Catharsis. 

By Mandy Craig. 

Sydney metal band, Flaming Wrekage lit up Corrimal Hotel last night, along with the other bands, for their second show beginning the Bring Back the Riff Tour.

The tour created to showcase their debut album Catharsis, Flaming Wrekage really had so much energy, and their performance was powerful. There was a decent crowd of fans, and many supported the bands by moshing, head banging, and even joining in by singing along when the mic was directed towards them. Though the guitarist dislocated his knee at their gig the night before, the guy was amazing, not faltering – showing that a metal guitarist has epic strength to still put on a massive show with the band. Flaming Wrekage will leave a fiery mark at each venue they perform – definitely a tour not to miss out on!

Being a melodic/ thrash metal band with musical influences that range from Lamb of God, Metallica, and Children of Bodom, Flaming Wrekage’s album Catharsis, has an onslaught of awesome riffs and vocals, and a fast-paced brutality of the drums in each track. Making this album an overal intense and alluring metal ride.

Talking earlier to vocalist Dave Lupton, he reveals all you need to know about the band’s Bring Back the Riff Tour, Catharsis, and how they came to be know as Flaming Wrekage.

Q: Your Bring Back the Riff East Coast Tour started recently, at Bull and Bush Hotel, Baulkham Hills on the 10th, and Corrimal Hotel, Wollongong on the 11th in support of your debut album Catharsis. What can you tell us about this awesome tour?

Dave Lupton: We’re really excited to get out and do a solid run of gigs. I hate only playing one or two gigs a month. You really get into the groove of playing live on a good run like this. We’re heading down to Melbourne to play four shows with another great Aussie band, Knightmare. We’re also heading to Brisbane and all around NSW.

I want to give a big shout out to Chris Ward from the Morgue Promotions in Melbourne. He’s been our main point of contact down there which was been so helpful. It’d hard work organising all of this on your own sometimes. Cheers Chris!

Flaming Wrekage at Corrimal Hotel last night, for their Bring Back the Riff Tour.  Photo by Mandy Craig

Flaming Wrekage at Corrimal Hotel last night, for their Bring Back the Riff Tour.
Photo by Mandy Craig.

Q: What can your fans expect to happen at the gigs, what do you have planned?

Dave: I don’t want to give too much away. If all goes to plan though there might be a new song or two. On our longer sets we plan on debuting a song off Catharsis that we’ve never played live before. If you’ve seen us a few times before I’m sure you’ll know which one it is.

Q: What do you think is most exciting about your new tour, what are you most pumped for?

Dave: There are a few shows I’m particularly excited for, one of them being our only Sydney city show at Frankie’s Pizza. This is the best bar in Sydney and they always have great bands.

The show in Brisbane should be great too. The promoter Karen from MMK Promotions is really pushing the show so hopefully we’ll see some Brisbane locals come down for a good time!

Q: Your album Catharsis has such a fast-paced and awesomely intense sound. What do you love most about your debut release?

Dave: I love how the guitars came out. Matt Clarke did a great job pulling tones and was amazing to work with. We got a bit crazy on some songs with the guitars. Putting bricks on wah pedals to hold the treble down and the like. Was loads of fun!

The crowd participating in the performance!!  Photo by Mandy Craig.

The crowd participating in the performance!!
Photo by Mandy Craig.

Q: How would you describe Catharsis, what is the album about?

Dave: I wouldn’t say it’s really a concept album, however there is an underlying theme of sin in each song. I was trying to focus on the different ways humanity looks at sin and how it manifests itself. The lyrics are pretty open to interpretation though.

Q: What does your band name stand for, how did you come up with such an epic name as Flaming Wrekage?

Dave: I remember sitting in class one day with our first guitarist Adam trying to come up with band names. It was actually one of the funniest lessons ever. We just kept up with over the top brutal band names that made no sense. I think one of them was Anal Nosebleed. We agreed on coming back the next day with proper suggestions. I’d almost totally forgot about it when I was watching that episode of the Simpsons were Krusty fakes his own death by flying his plane into the side of a mountain.

When Chief Wiggum arrives on the scene he says something like, “alright folks nothing to see here, nothing to…Oh my god! Look at this Flaming Wreckage!” It just stuck with me and we decided to use it as a band name. We dropped the C for no real reason other than, Megadeth did it so why can’t we?

Q: How would you describe your overall sound?

Dave: Fast and heavy, but not without its softer moments. I’m really into letting the music take you to another place. We have a few songs where the last half or more has no vocals. Music says more than words sometimes.

Q: What tracks are you eager to see your fans head bang to at your upcoming tour?

Dave: It Burns Before Your Eyes is always a cracking live song. The crowd loves head banging to that one.

Q: Last of all, what message would you like to send out to your fans, who are waiting to see you on tour?

Dave: Prepare for carnage!

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