Exist Within Soars to a New Atmosphere!

Exist Within!!  From left to right: Adam Zarb (Guitar) Matt Petchell (Guitar) Kyle English (Vocals) Tim Randall (Bass) Matt Seckold (Drums) Photo by Adam Plimmer

Exist Within!!
From left to right: Adam Zarb (Guitar) Matt Petchell (Guitar) Kyle English (Vocals) Tim Randall (Bass) Matt Seckold (Drums)
Photo by Adam Plimmer


Western Sydney metal band, Exist Within talk New Atmosphere, the awesomeness of being a band in the music scene, and an exclusive on their upcoming EP!

By Mandy Craig.

Sydney melodic/progressive metal band, Exist Within have been touring around with their debut EP, New Atmosphere, and are now in the writing mode for their next release.

The band have a wide range of music influences, from Killswitch Engage, Lamb of God, Chimaira, Sevendust, Foo Fighters, and AC/DC. You can definitely hear it in New Atmosphere, with the cool blend of brutality and soaring in the vocals, the forceful impact of the riffage and the drums, and the overall massive sound in each track. Exist Within’s debut EP will take its listeners to a different world, nay – a New Atmosphere, as this EP in its entirety easily keeps you hooked, making their second EP a highly anticipated release.

Talking to Exist Within, they reveal an insight into their debut EP, what they have coming up for their fans this year, all you need to know about their favourite experiences, and why you need to see them live.


Q: Exist Within, you guys brought out your new EP, New Atmosphere late last year in September, and have left a fiery blaze behind you with many relentless gigs. What do you find awesome being part of the Sydney metal scene?

Exist Within: We have found the Sydney metal scene to be more of a community. It’s full of dedicated fans that get out to as many shows as they can to support bands. We love meeting new people and then seeing them at the next show, and we also enjoy spotting our merch when we’re out and about. But the best part is seeing a room full of people enjoying our music.

 Q: How would you describe yourselves as a band?

EW: At the core of the band we’re just a bunch of great mates who enjoy making music together. Every part of the band is enjoyment for us, whether it be writing, rehearsing, recording, playing live or touring, we’re just out to have a good time and hopefully help everyone else have a good time while we’re at it. I think that comes across in our music, we really want our songs to be as high energy, riffy, and catchy as possible.

 Q: How did Exist Within initially start?

EW: Tim and Kyle were out watching some bands at the Agincourt in Sydney one night, it was then and there they decided they wanted to put a new band together to start writing and getting some music heard. Tim contacted his old high school mate Matt P to play guitar and it was on! Matt S and Adam joined up more recently when new members were needed, and have just strengthened the line-up. A little piece of Exist Within trivia… Unbeknown to us at the time, Matt S was actually playing guitar in the band Tim and Kyle were watching at the Agincourt on the night they found their inspiration.

Q: Where did the band name come from?

EW: After many weeks of trying to come up with a band name, Tim and Matt P were driving to rehearsal one night listening to Staind’s album Break the Cycle. Exist Within is a cultivation of lyrics from that album.

 Q: You have real depth in your sound – the intensity in the riffs, the epic pounding of the drums and the awesome blend of screaming and melodic vocals. How did you come up with your overall sound?

EW: We all have different backgrounds and bands that give us inspiration and it has turned out to be one of our biggest strengths. As a whole we really just wanted to keep it simple and get people moving. We were able to bring it all together to create the sound that is Exist Within.

"At the core of the band we’re just a bunch of great mates who enjoy making music together. " Exist Within.  Photo by Adam Plimmer

“At the core of the band we’re just a bunch of great mates who enjoy making music together. ” Exist Within.
Photo by Adam Plimmer

 Q: You also performed at SFest in April, along with bands Witchgrinder and Darkc3ll. What was that like and what did you dig most about playing alongside these bands?

EW: Meeting other bands is always cool, but was especially awesome to meet the guys who form some of the real metal heavyweight acts in the scene. They were more than happy to answer our questions and pass on bits of advice.

Q: What can you tell us about your recent EP New Atmosphere? What is the album about – is there a story to it?

EW: There’s not a single story across the EP, but there are recurring themes that come up regularly in the lyrics. Mostly they’re about personal experiences of…day-to-day life, and also about how boring and repetitive parts of life can be, and trying to escape the norm and be individual.

Q: Lyrically and musically speaking, what does New Atmosphere represent?

EW: Basically, it’s just about being yourself. We never set out with a plan on how this band was going to sound; we just got together and let it happen. In doing so we hope that it will bring lovers of all kinds of heavy music together.

 Q: What did you find exhilarating about making your first EP?

EW: Hearing your songs as a whole in a proper studio after all the hard work you’ve put in is hard to even describe. Also watching each member step up their game when you’re tracking is another exciting part, you just start drawing inspiration off each other and everyone lifts as a result.

 Q: Any particular tracks you’re most proud of?

EW: Each member seems to have a different favourite track on the EP, but This Life, would have to be the biggest surprise for everyone; purely because we weren’t too sure about it, and weren’t even going to include it on the EP originally. We decided last minute that we’d do it and after our awesome producer worked some magic, we were really happy with it. We can’t believe we ever doubted it.

 Q: You’re gigging for the rest of the year and heading into the studio early in 2015 to work on your second EP, what can you reveal to us about that?

EW: Basically the same as we’ve always done, it will be high energy, riffy, and we may even be looking at adding more to the clean vocal parts this time around.

 Q: Have you started writing new material for the upcoming EP?

EW: We’re currently working on some new tracks that could possibly be on the new EP. One is already in the live show and is being very well received. There will be a couple more making their way in there soon as well, so the best way to see what the future holds is to come to see us live!

 Q: What else do you have in store for this year?

EW: Two words… Video Clips! Since SFest earlier this year we’ve been recording a bunch of live footage with GoPros that we’ll be cutting together into a bit of a fun live clip for This Life. We’ve also booked in with Her Name Is Murder Productions to have our first properly produced video done for the title track, New Atmosphere in the next couple of months.

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July 11th – Wollongong – with Flaming Wreckage, HarbouR, Lint and Scarred Remains

July 12th – Agincourt Hotel, Sydney

August 22nd – Wollongong – with Domino

August 23rd – The Basement, Canberra – with Domino, Na Maza and The Shadow Embrace


Want more Exist Within? Go check the band via the following links:





New Atmosphere, Out Now!

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