Apparitions of Null look into Kaleidoscopes

Apparitions of Null!! From left to right: Chris Rosiak (Guitar) Dale Robinson (Vocalist) Jamie Harrison Brown (Drums) Dwayne Murray (Bass) Samuel Maher (Guitar) Photo by Jed Ashley Burke Photography.

Apparitions of Null!!
From left to right: Chris Rosiak (Guitar) Dale Robinson (Vocalist) Jamie Harrison Brown (Drums) Dwayne Murray (Bass) Sam Maher (Guitar)
Photo by Jed Ashley Burke Photography for 


Sydney’s Prog band, Apparitions of Null talk upcoming EP Kaleidoscopes, beginnings, and Poisoned Kings Tour.

By Mandy Craig.

Prog metal band, Apparitions of Null have been busy in the studio recording their debut EP Kaleidoscopes, which is foreseen to be released August this year.

These metal gods from Sydney are also nearing the start of the Poisoned Kings Tour playing alongside Norse, Aeon of Horus, and Hadal Maw, which begins June 27.

The band’s inspirations range from many progressive and technical music influences such as Opeth, Meshuggah, and Ne Obliviscaris, to name a few, and the 26 minute track EP will definitely represent the band’s talent exceptionally well.

Describing their music as a journey, not a moment in time, lead guitarist Sam Maher reveals all you need to know about Kaleidoscopes, their upcoming tour, Apparitions of Null’s fictional beginnings, and an exclusive insight into the early workings of the band’s first album.

Apparitions of Null originally recorded Kaleidoscopes as a demo in 2012 named, Kaleidoscopes Part 1 which is the first few minutes of the upcoming EP; the track is now re-recorded and revolutionised.

“Kaleidoscopes, which is a single 26-minute song to be released in its entirety as an EP, has been written for quite some time so it’s exhilarating to see it finally come to life,” Sam explains, “Our producer, Ryan Huthnance from Emissary Studios, has been a joy to work with and he is really getting the most out of us as musicians and out of the music itself… More than anything else, we’re excited to finally give people a chance to hear the complete piece as it was meant to be heard.”

Talking about the process in creating their debut EP, Sam mused over how natural writing the music and lyrics were for the band.

“We are somewhat traditional in that we all come up with ideas at home and then bring them into the rehearsal studio where we jam it out. We bounce ideas off each other until we are happy with the result…most importantly, the process is honest and natural, nothing is manufactured.”

Sam, and vocalist Dale Robinson together wrote the lyrics and the vocal lines for the EP, which illuminated the core meaning of the track; an idea thought of by the whole band.

“Kaleidoscopes tells a story, a profound story about a very unusual man,” reveals Sam, “the basics were conceived through discussion between the five of us.”

Apparitions of Null will be releasing their EP in August, with a Kaleidoscopes Launch Tour quickly following; but before the tour, the band are considering organising something special for their fans.

“We are probably looking at releasing the EP shortly after our tour with Norse this June-July, so probably sometime in August. We’re also thinking of holding a private listening party in July before the official release,” says Sam, “so if that’s something that interests anyone reading please let us know.”

Mentioning the Poisoned Kings Tour, Sam explained how animated the band is to be touring with Norse and the other bands in the line-up, saying:

“We are flippin’ excited! Holy crap, that line up! It’s quite an honour to be asked to join so many of our favourite bands all on one tour; it’s going to be an incredible experience. If you don’t know any of the bands on the line up make sure you check them out, they are all rather spectacular. We’ve also got some of the best bands in each city for local supports as well (A Million Dead Birds Laughing in Melbourne/Geelong, The Seer in Newcastle etc.).”

So what else has Apparitions of Null got in store for their fans in the future, why their debut album of course! Sam revealed a little about the direction the album will take, but like all good surprises, you have to wait until you hear it.

“We can’t reveal much about the album at this stage,” Sam muses, “except that it’s about two-thirds written and that it’s going to be quite unlike anything anyone has heard before.”




Apparitions of Null formed in 2011, and now how the band started has been revealed. So read on to discover the band’s beginnings as told by guitarist Sam Maher.

On a dark and lonely night, a figure with lush long blonde hair was waiting outside a local 7-Eleven. As a cloud covered the moon for a mere moment, a second figure appeared out of the darkness of night next to the first man. He was tall and thin, like a HB pencil in human form.

As the two whispered in the shadows, a sound took form from somewhere unknown. It was a heavy shaking thump that could be heard deep inside the body. A car engine is heard far away as the two figures are hunched in a deep conversation. The car speeds past and two more figures are seen huddled around the previous figures. The whip of a dreadlock and a magnificent beard can be seen as a silhouette in the dark night sky. The roar of the noise calms and is surreal as if from another dimension.

Then a pretty boy turns up from around the corner carrying a bass and asks, “Can I come too?”

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See Apparitions of Null live on the Poisoned Kings Tour!

“We are flippin' excited! Holy crap, that line up!" Says Samuel Maher about the Poisoned Kings Tour.

“We are flippin’ excited! Holy crap, that line up!” Says Sam Maher about the Poisoned Kings Tour.


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