Revellers bring the Riffage in Upcoming EP, ‘Your Round.’

Revellers!!  From left to right: Dave DeMaine, Josh Anderson, and Aaron Gaffney. Photo by Nudge Pix

From left to right: Dave DeMaine, Josh Anderson, and Aaron Gaffney.
Photo by Nudge Pix


Canberra Punk Rockers, Revellers talk upcoming EP; working with the US, and Main Street Studios.

By Mandy Craig. 

The punk music scene in Canberra has something epic to look forward to, as Revellers are set to release their next EP, Your Round in June.

Describing themselves as having lots of melody and energy, their new music is said to have a whole lot of angst and force.

The band recently finished recording their new EP at Main Street Studios, working along side Adam Jordan, and has now sent it over to The Blasting Room in the US to be mixed by Jason Livermore; who has worked with bands such as Rise Against.

Your Round is definitely a highly anticipated EP for the Revellers fans this year.

Talking to bassist Aaron Gaffney, he reveals all you need to know about the new EP, the band’s time at Main Street Studios, and working with The Blasting Room.


Q: Revellers, you guys are an awesome punk band from Canberra. Having started in 2012, you released Night Time Lunatics, your debut EP last year, and now have another EP on the way in June. What would you consider to be some epic moments so far for you as a band?

After being together for a little over two years now, we’ve been stoked to have so many good times, meeting great new people, awesome bands and making a whole lot of noise. Some of the best moments so far would have to include our first show in Sydney with Nerdlinger, Ivan Drago and Isaac Graham, when we somehow managed to win a 2013 Music ACT MAMA award. Making our first film clip for our song Knocking Off, and playing an unexpectedly packed out show one cold winter’s night at the Phoenix Bar back in July.

Q: Your music really has power, an ongoing driving force of riffage. What do you love about your music?

We try to keep things uncomplicated and usually just try to base whole songs around one or two main riffs. Lately with the newer stuff, we’ve been doing a lot of tempo changes and big endings, which has really challenged us musically and kept things fresh and exciting.

 Q: Who are your musical influences, and why?

Writing this new EP, some of our main influences have included newer bands such as: The Story So Far and Architects, as well as classic influential bands like, At The Drive In, Hot Water Music, Thrice and NOFX.

Q: You guys have been at Main Street Studios recently in Wollongong working on your new EP. How was the studio time and what was awesome for you guys in recording your new music?

We love recording at Main Street Studios. We know the engineer Adam Jordan, an absolute genius, from the work he’s done for us in the past, Night Time Lunatics, and for the other band Ando and I play in – Lamexcuse Life. Like. Wild.

The recording process this time around, had a really relaxed vibe about it. We were much more prepared, as we did a lot of pre-production demos to really work up the structures and dynamics. The thing I found most awesome about the recording process this time was the fact that two of the songs were pretty much written a couple of weeks before we hit the studio. When we were recording demos back in Canberra, a couple of months earlier, we just let the thing keep recording and mucked around with a few of mine and Ando’s riffs; just basically tried to ‘wing it’ and see where the ‘song’ would go. When we listened back, we could see ideas that were worth exploring and so we spent the next couple of months finishing the songs.

We haven’t even played some of them live yet, but we can’t wait to! One of the songs, Messed Up Times is one of these. It is actually a reworking of the first song we ever wrote as a band. It’s the last song on the EP and we’re very stoked with it.

 Q: Musically and lyrically speaking, what is the EP about?

The six songs on Your Round have a few different themes, from light hearted songs about seasick hangovers – Get Me Outta Here, to angsty songs about various aspects of life – Far From Over, Take Me To The Weekend, and Messed Up Times. People who take a lot and don’t give back – Your Round and an angry and reflective tribute to one of our best mates, punk rock stalwart – The Ginger Ninja – Front and Centre, RIP.

 Q: How do you guys feel it will differ from your previous EP?

We’ve never before pushed each other as hard to make these songs killer. We’ve given every song so much attention. The EP as a whole has a bit more a darker vibe about it, and there’s a whole lot more going on as far as the instrumental parts go. When we recorded the last EP, we’d only been an active band for six months and in some ways were still finding our feet. Going into this, I think we were a lot more self aware and confident, which really helped pushed ourselves to our limits! Also, knowing who was going to mix the record gave us that extra boost to make sure we had our shit together!

 Q: You’re also having the EP sent over to the US to be mixed by Jason Livermore at The Blasting Room, who has also worked with band Rise Against. Are you guys excited about this opportunity?

Oh shit yeah. We’ve all counted albums that were done at Blasting Room amongst our favourites of all time. Since high school, especially Ando and I, always wanted to one day have a recording that matched the quality of some of our favourite bands of the time such as Good Riddance, No Use For A Name and NOFX. So when Bill Stevenson wrote back to us and said that Jason Livermore could mix and master the record for us, right after they’d finished a new Rise Against newie, holy shit we got excited. These guys know the genre better than anyone and we couldn’t be happier with what they’ve done with our music.

 Q: What else do you guys have planned leading up to the release of Your Round? Leading up to the release, a lot of our time will be spent locking down dates for the release tour with our buddies Nerdlinger, as well as finalising artwork with Annie Walter, what a talent, and helping organise our Canberra EP launch show.

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Want to know more about Revellers? Check them out via the following links: 



Upcoming gigs:

April 26: Dansonfest, the Basement, ACT

May 25: The Factory Floor, Sydney, NSW

June 20: Captains at Mariners, Batemans Bay, NSW

June 21: Dicey Riley’s, Wollongong, NSW

June 27: Lansdowne, Sydney, NSW

June 28: Hamilton Station, Newcastle, NSW

July 4: Prince Of Wales, Bunbury WA

July 5: Yayas, Perth, WA

July 12: 303, Melbourne, VIC

Also don’t forget to watch their music video, Knocking Off, from their 2013 release Night Time Lunatics


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