Mixtape for the Drive share their Stories.

Mixtape for the Drive!! From left to right: Brendan Young, Dan Southern, Jayme Weston and Steve Jameson. Photo by Ben Spinelli.

Mixtape for the Drive!!
From left to right: Brendan Young, Dan Southern, Jayme Weston and Steve Jameson. Photo by Ben Spinelli.

Mixtape for the Drive’s vocalist Dan Southern talks debut EP, new music video, and working with Whakaio from Tonight Alive in the studio.

By Mandy Craig.

Mixtape for the Drive is a new pop/punk band that is ready to make their massive impact on Wollongong’s local music scene with their debut EP Stories that is to be released next month.

Describing themselves like “Angels and Airwaves in fast forward”, their musical influences as a band range from Tonight Alive, Green Day, Jimmy Eat World, New Found Glory, and most importantly – Blink 182!

The band, initially starting off as a side project for lead vocalist Dan Southern, has already come along way very quickly. With the first music video for their track Heroes making an impression on their fans so much, the track was aired on Triple J’s show Short.Fast.Loud, and their second single Days was released last week.

“This band started as an idea in my head about two years ago,” Dan explained,  “I had planned to write and record it all myself, but as the songs progressed I decided I wanted to turn this into a real band; so I hit up some of my best friends and they were all keen.”

These best friends, Steven Jameson on drums, Brendon Young on Bass, and Jayme Weston as lead guitarist, make up the rest of the awesomeness of Mixtape for the Drive.

Talking about the upcoming EP Stories Dan revealed the songs hold a special meaning for him.

Stories is lyrically quite personal to me, quite close to my heart. Every song reflects a time in my life…

I have been through a lot, and so I draw upon some pretty negative circumstances. So of course there is a “heart break” song or two. Another song is about growing up with divorce, another is talking about my best Friend Sam, (who died in a car accident) and another is about anxiety and depression; but even though the topics might be negative, I always line my songs with hope. I have learnt a lot from the hard things I’ve been through. I wrote these songs as anthems to sing when life gets hard; I want people to feel positive when they hear an MTFD song.”

Mixtape for the Drive has also been in the studio working on Stories, which Dan described as the coolest time of his life, having fun recording and getting the opportunity to work with guitarist, Whakaio from Aussie punk band Tonight Alive.

“I recorded four songs at the Grove with Jackson Barclay and the band recorded our next three at Electric Sun with Dave Petrovic, but I guess the craziest part of the story was when Whakaio from Tonight Alive got involved!” Dan explained,

“He heard the tracks and we got talking, then before I knew it he was producing and doing guest guitar spots for us! He is such a mad dog. With the huge journey they have had he was able to bring heaps of knowledge to the table. Not just for the songs, but for us as a band.”

Mixtape for the Drive’s music video Heroes shows the band performing in a live environment with their fans crowd-surfing and dancing to their music, and it also has a father and son story represented in the film clip.

“My favourite part was the crowd!” Dan recalls, “To have everyone there moshing, screaming and jumping on trampolines was so much fun. We played four songs that night, amazing atmosphere.”

Next month also sees the band releasing their second music video for their next single Save Us, which will be something for fans to look out for.

“Plus a TON of shows!” Dan revealed, “They will all be posted on our Facebook really soon!”

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Don’t forget to watch Mixtape for the Drive’s music video Heroes!!


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