Platinum Brunette have Risen!

Platinum Brunette!!  From left to right: Britney Houston, Demonica Lewinsky and Magda Marylene.  Photo by Lord Tim

Platinum Brunette!!
From left to right: Britney Houston, Demonica Lewinsky and Magda Marylene.
Photo by Lord Tim

A School Girl, Nurse and Nun? Platinum Brunette talk upcoming EP release, all things glamorous, and Wrecking Ball.

By Mandy Craig

Platinum Brunette, punk/ metal rockers from Sydney are a trio of chicks (dudes) whom are sarcastically witty. A schoolgirl, nurse and nun with killer style and looks, they charm their fans with their lively, confronting and deliciously crude music.

Having been in the music scene since 2005, Platinum Brunette have an EP and two albums under their dresses, including their celebrated 2012 release Irritable Vowel Syndrome. Despite the line-up changes over the years, Demonica Lewinsky, Britney Houston and Magda Marylene bring the glam in glamour and are now working on their new upcoming EP that is to be released this year. Platinum Brunette has definitely proven “What Doesn’t Kill you makes you Prettier!”

“I’m just constantly amazed that we’ve survived!” Vocalist/bassist Demonica Lewinsky revealed. “Each time we complete a CD or video, I’m like ‘Holly hell, we’re still here.’ I mean I keep threatening to quit this business, and then suddenly I’m in the studio! It’s like a form of self –flagellation… I clearly hate my own guts.”

With musical inspirations such as Motley Crue, KISS and The Sex Pistols the band have described their image and sound as punk-rock maidens in frocks, saying that their definitive inspiration is Iron Maiden.

“Iron Maiden was always the big one for me, and you can probably hear it in the tunes. A punk-rock maiden in a frock; that’s the manifesto right there!” Demonica explained.

Also talking about their uniquely awesome style, Platinum brunette gave insight into their glam look, and what they love about it.

“I love dressing as a nun.” Drummer Magda Marylene revealed. “ Nothings hotter than an un-believing nun!”

“Yep we’re glamorous!” Demonica added. “Like a conga line of Katy Perrys with great biceps, but we don’t pole dance; we have our pride.”

Platinum Brunette’s 2012 Irritable Vowel Syndrome really packs power lyrically and musically, each track having the ability to get stuck in your head.

“For me this is the ultimate Platinum Brunette recording because there was just so much resistance and angst on the previous ones.” Revealed Demonica. “I just think the songs are really strong, there’s a lot of diversity in such a short space. Basically I had no bugger telling me what I could and couldn’t do!”

Platinum Brunette not only have power through their music, but also through their awesome comedic music videos – from My Kinda Girl which is a parody of a Robert Palmer music video, to the recent video for their song Risen where they pull of Michael Jackson’s Thriller dance moves exceptionally well in a Grave Yard and other dance moves from Pat Benetar and the film Grease.

 “Britney had to be seriously coaxed into the Thriller bit.” Magda mused.

“You still owe me a Punisher No.1, mint condition.” Guitarist Britney Houston added.

“Perhaps we’ll be naked on a wrecking ball for the next one?” Continued Demonica.  “Have to sort out the old’ bikini line for that one, tighten up the glutes. Actually the great thing about My Kinda Girl is that the song sounds very pop, and the video’s quite campy, but the actual lyric is really sinister. Not many people have picked up on that by the way.”

Now working on their upcoming EP, Platinum Brunette have revealed that there will be at least six new tracks for fans to look forward to; the vibe of the new music is said to be more or less back to basics for the band and funky as well.

“One of the tracks has a real funk groove to it.” Revealed Madga.

“The attitude of the whole thing will be really fresh and energetic, and that will be the real difference…this time we’re just going in and throwing some great tunes down and having a great time. Platinum Brunette as it was meant to be.” Demonica added.

The new EP is set to be released mid-2014, so Platinum Brunette fans will definitely have something to look forward to; it all comes down to studio time now.

“We’re booked in with Lord Tim soon.” explained Demonica. “Just waiting for a window in his schedule. Or maybe he’s avoiding us…”

“I bet he’s pissed you turned him into a heavy metal cheerleader a couple years back! Pom poms and all – seriously he was one hot bitch!” Magda added comically.

Last but not least Platinum Brunette send out individual messages to their fans.

Magda Marylene: You are the best – both of you!

Demonica Lewinsky: I’d like to say a big thanks to our fans. The thing is we really hate the self-promotional side of this business. I don’t mean the videos and stuff, that’s all great, but the whole idea of sitting on Twitter and mincing about ourselves all day long really makes us ill. Which is probably the worst kind of career self-sabotage imaginable but what the hell, we just can’t bring ourselves to fake it. So it’s probably tough going being a Platinum Brunette fan – it possibly takes a bit more effort, and we thank you for that. Keep an eye out for the EP if you’re interested in hearing three sarcastic bitches really going for it!

Britney Houston: Rock the fuck out.

Copyright © Music Mayhem with Mandy 2014

Want to know more about Platinum Brunette? Check them out via the following links!

Official Website



Platinum Brunette Irritable Vowel Syndrome out now.

Platinum Brunette Irritable Vowel Syndrome out now.

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