“We are the Ones Now!!” TRIGGER

Trigger!!  From left to right: Sean Solley, Tim Leopold, Tim Joyce, Matt Lentille and Luke Ashley

From left to right: Sean Solley, Tim Leopold, Tim Joyce, Matt Lentille and Luke Ashley.
Photo by Lucy Cugno

Melbourne metal band Trigger releases their debut EP Machina this February.

By Mandy Craig. 

Metal heads of Melbourne start gathering in the mosh pit, and get your sound systems ready for seriously powerful riffage, as metallers’ Trigger are set to release their debut EP Machina this February!

Describing their music as a blend of old Euro metal and new American metal, the band consider their profound influences to be: Iron Maiden, Metallica, Megadeth, Trivium and In Flames. With the recent release of their single Ascension, which has a real driving force within its sound, there is no doubt that Trigger are ‘Alive now and here to stay’, as said on the track!

Talking to guitarists’ Sean Solley and Luke Ashley, they reveal all you need to know about Trigger, their debut EP Machina, what they have in store for the year, and a personal message to their fans.

Q: Trigger, you guys have been part of the metal music scene in Melbourne for the last eight months. What have you found awesome so far, any epic moments?
Becoming a part of the local scene has been a huge reward in itself. There are so many incredible musicians and dedicated people in Melbourne that support each other like family – it’s hard to imagine life without many of these guys now. As for awesome moments, the summer festivals are always insane; events like Sonic Forge and Hell On The Bay (Melbourne’s annual metal cruise) always turn into party and chaos.

Q: How did Trigger form initially?
Luke: Well it’s been a long time coming; Sean planted the seed 12 years ago when he started teaching me guitar! He approached me a few years ago with a cool riff and asked if I could add synth/harmonies to it. We worked on a few originals together and it didn’t take long for the synth to be replaced by a second axe. We had never written original music together before but we knew that these early jams would have great potential. Matt on bass joined right at the start as well and helped us become a solid unit

Q: Trigger is an awesome name, how did you come up with this name for the band?
Luke: We had a few running titles (Apothecary, Deus Ex) but never hit home with a name that pleased all 5 members – we almost resigned ourselves to forever being nameless! We always talked about the band title during rehearsal and the room fell silent as somebody mentioned the word ‘Trigger’. We all knew that it was the perfect title as nobody immediately interjected.

Q: You recently released your first single Ascension at the end of 2013. What can you tell us about the track, what made you guys choose it for your debut single?
Sean: It’s catchy and anthemic; It’s also not six and a half minutes long! (Laughs)   Ascension is also the track that encompasses all aspects of what we are as a band.

Q: You also have your debut EP Machina that is to be released next month. How would describe Machina, what is it about?
Luke: Machina is our first foray into the musical world and we needed it to be a powerful release. The concept began as ‘humanity and the machine’, based on the title track. We expanded on the thematic material as the artwork and other visual aspects were developed.

Q: How would you guys describe the vibe and sound of your debut EP?
Sean: Warm, tough, catchy and very alive. Chris Themelco captured us perfectly, he became a fan and got the sound and vibe spot on. He even added a guest solo spot on ‘My Darkness’, which is way cool!

Q: You guys were in the studio working on Machina October/November last year. What was that like, any awesome and fun moments?
Luke: Monolith Studios did a fantastic job on catering to our sound and playing to our respective strengths, as well as helping us develop the weaker points of our performance. Oh, and working with Chris from Orpheus Omega was a blast! I’m amazed that we managed to lay all the tracks down in between gasbagging over touring, Zelda and one handed clapping.

Q: What was the writing process like?
Sean: It always starts with that riff!!  Either we’ll hear something Luke’s noodling around with or I might show the guys something I’ve been working on. If we feel it worthy we build on it from there. Tim Leopold & Tim Joyce (vox & drums) initially wrote all the early lyrics, though Tim Leopold’s writing has really taken off with the newer stuff.

Q: Are there any particular tracks that you love the most off Machina, why?
Luke: This really took me by surprise; I haven’t been able to stop playing My Darkness. It’s a live staple, but I never felt it was executed as well as it could be. Taking the piece into the studio allowed us to really flesh out the song and expand on the melody & harmonies. It’s definitely our most dynamic work to date.

Q: What would you guys like your fans to know about your upcoming debut EP?
Sean: The artwork is crazy. We found this amazing Russian artist named Kirill and he understood our theme and nailed it. Can’t wait for everybody to see this guys work. The EP will be out in mid Feb and I hope it sits in everyone’s CD player for a while. Keep updated on our Facebook page on how to get a copy.

Q: What else does Trigger have in store for 2014, any awesome tour traveling in the future maybe?
Luke: We’re hoping to play a Megadeth tribute in Antarctica on our …And Justice For Mustaine Tour. (Laughs) On a serious note, we are currently making plans for Sydney shows and are aiming for an international support slot before the year is out. My personal dream would be to earn a spot on Wacken Open Air or tour in Scandinavia.

Q: Any upcoming gigs you’d like your fans to know about?
Sean: Australia Day weekend is a busy one with two shows (all ages and 18+) on the Friday in Bendigo for Ausocalypse, then our support at the Espy for Bellusira Jan 25th will be massive exposure for us.  We’ll be in Warrnambool on Feb 1st and we’ve got our EP launch booked at the Evelyn Hotel on Sat Feb 22nd with Bane of Winterstorm, Vanishing Point and Alaskan Thunder, which will be huge.

Q: Is there a message you’d like to send out to your fans? 
Luke: To everybody that has been involved with us so far – I give a resounding thank you. If you like what you hear then approach us and introduce yourself. We are the ones now!

Want to know more about Trigger? Check them out via the following links!!



Trigger's debut EP Machina out February 22nd!!  Artwork by Kirill Semenov.

Trigger’s debut EP Machina out February 22nd!!
Artwork by Kirill Semenov.


Listen to Trigger’s new single Ascension here!!

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  1. Heard these guys at the Espy in December at a battle of the bands and they killed it. Been a fan ever since.

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