Blackened Angel’s Chronicles of Damnation!

Blackened Angel!! From Left to Right: Tim Yatras, Rob Giles, Ricky Boon and Lord Tim.  Photo by James Lopes

Blackened Angel!!
From Left to Right: Tim Yatras, Rob Giles, Ricky Boon and Lord Tim.
Photo by James Lopes

Blackened Angel lead singer/guitarist talks about new album ‘Chronicles of Damnation’

By Mandy Craig

Blackened Angel, is a new metal band to hit the scene this year, and though it is initially a side project for the members of the band, they have made an enormous impact already with their recently released two album concept piece Chronicles of Damnation.

With their music becoming a hybrid of metal sub genres, black/death and melodic metal, with cinematic elements, Blackened Angel show what they’re made of with the emergence of their debut album.

Talking to lead vocalist/guitarist Lord Tim, also known for being a part of Sydney band LORD, he explained the story plot of Chronicles of Damnation, how Blackened Angel initially started, and their music video ‘Purgatory’.

Blackened Angel was a side project originally thought of by Lord Tim and Ricky Boon fifteen years ago, the idea being that they would one day mash the metal genres, that they favoured, together in their spare time from working in their main bands, Lord and Serenity Defiled.

“The original idea of this project started taking shape about fifteen years ago, believe it or not, when I was working with Rick’s band who were known as Fury at the time and around that time my main project was Dungeon.” Lord Tim revealed.

“Fury eventually morphed into Serenity Defiled and Dungeon became LORD. Rick was always into the more thrash/death side of metal and Fury/Serenity Defiled definitely reflected this. We always talked about doing something that was a combination of that extreme side of things with the more melodic/traditional sound of Dungeon/LORD.”

Working with session members Tim Yatras and Rob Giles who are also from bands Germ and Carbon Black, Lord Tim described the process of producing Blackened Angel with them as “Letting out a few musical demons with the help of a couple of good friends.”

“Everyone turned up, did their part, there was no real deadline, no stress, we all had a great time working together and it was over quickly as far as the recording goes…Rob spent less than a day absolutely nailing his bass parts and T.Y. is still proving he’s one of the best session drummers in the country – no mess, no fuss, job done.”

Discussing Chronicles of Damnation Lord Tim described the album’s sound as having a mix of extreme and melodic metal with cinematic overtones; also expressing how the progress of writing the album brought in the main influence of black metal, and how their influences come from traditional metal thrash bands. “We’re fans of all styles of music, including black metal. It wasn’t really on the radar when we were thinking about how this project should sound, but it really felt natural to go in that direction for this sort of concept.” Lord Tim explained.

“Once the story really started coming together, all of the orchestration and cinematic elements were pretty much a given by that stage. It’s definitely a lot more diverse and bigger than we ever expected it to be but it’s good because everything you hear really came into play in a very organic way…

We both grew up listening to Metallica, Slayer, Anthrax, Dio and Kreator. Those sorts of 80s trad and thrash bands definitely played a big part in influencing the original genesis of our own projects before they branched off into what we do now, so revisiting a lot of those core influences while we were writing this felt really natural.”

All these sound elements can definitely be heard in the album, taking the listener on a darkened journey of the protagonist The Blackened Angel, a story that has a big impact through the music and the story in the lyrics. The name of the band therefore became a representation for the story within Chronicles of Damnation, and also how Lord Tim described the bands music as neither satanic or good but neutral.

“The key thing we wanted to keep in mind was that this wasn’t an “evil” band. We weren’t trying to be brutal or Satanic or anything like that, but conversely this definitely wasn’t a “good” or “happy” band either, and there was a fair amount of darkness in the music. We were toying with the name Blackened Angel because it sort of served that “neutral” kind of position but it wasn’t until the concept of the album came together where we thought the name could be a big part of the story itself.”

The story that is heard throughout Chronicles of Damnation has an awesome dark vibe, each track like a chapter of a novel! Lord Tim has given an in-depth outline of the narrative, revealing all about the Blackened Angel, the Dark Lord and the overthrow of heaven, which can evidently be heard and is expressed through the epic form of the band’s music.

“The story starts as a man is lead to the guillotine and you hear the blade fall. He opens his eyes to find himself falling to what turns out to be purgatory, with no memories of who he is or any part of his past life. The forces of good and evil battle over his soul.” Lord Tim explains.

“At one stage he finds himself in heaven, feeling like he is finally saved but the idea of giving them his eternal servitude in return doesn’t sit right with him and he’s dropped back into purgatory. It’s there that the Dark Lord shows him that in his former mortal life he was a brutal, sadistic serial killer, which is why he was executed. He remembers how much power that made him feel and how much he enjoyed it.

He’s told that he is the chosen one, known as “The Blackened Angel” – part of a prophecy that someone so truly evil can lead the forces of darkness out of hell to overthrow heaven and reclaim the mortal world. He’s made leader of the armies of hell and, sure enough, the prophecy comes true – they overthrow heaven and start a millennium of slaughter across the mortal plane, but The Blackened Angel isn’t happy. He rejected salvation from heaven because he didn’t want to be anyone’s servant and yet for all of this power he’s been given, he’s really just a servant to the Dark Lord. He amasses his own army to try and take over hell itself, and a massive civil war takes place. Finally, only The Blackened Angel and the Dark Lord are left. They fight and The Blackened Angel wins. He’s finally free – no one is his master, except he’s alone and immortal. For all of that ultimate power, his ego has now condemned him to an eternity of nothing, a slave to time itself. He knows what he has to do: he makes himself mortal again, and he finds himself transported back to moments before he was beheaded at the start of the story. The last thing we hear is the falling blade. What’s cool about this is that it’s so open ended. Does he die? Does the story just repeat itself? It’s a fun moral tale about pride and ego set against a fairly epic backdrop.”

Blackened Angel also released their music video last month for the track Purgatory. The music video enhanced their cinematic vibe with the band members performing amongst flames. Lord Tim revealed that the video was made in a unique way, filmed in both Broken Hill and Wollongong.

“Half of the clip was done in Broken Hill while I was out there doing a couple of Serenity Defiled clips. I filmed Rick’s guitar parts and my vocal and guitar parts, and the other half was filmed in Wollongong, getting Rob’s bass and T.Y.’s drums down.” Lord Tim explained.

“The next trick was to get us all together in the clip to make it look like we were in the same place. This was also a bit of a fun challenge since both environments were entirely different. In the end I went for compositing us all inside the cover art of the album. You can see the camera flying through fire, and swooping in and out of the various elements of the art with us playing inside of it. A bit of work, but considering how quickly it was done and the circumstances as to how it was all filmed, it came together really well.”

Lord Tim also revealed reason behind choosing the track Purgatory for the music video saying,

“We chose “Purgatory” because it’s the song with probably the most elements to represent the album: harsh vocals, melodic chorus, speedy drums, lots of solos, an off-beat prog section, orchestration, plus it’s a good introduction to the story that could be a stand-alone song rather than something that needed to be heard in context like a lot of other songs on the album.”

So with the enormous debut album Chronicles of Damnation, what else is in store for Blackened Angel in the Future?

“A quiet end of year for us, and then some time early next year we’ll be working with a couple of PR companies to really get the word out there.” Lord Tim revealed.

“After that… who knows? I know Rick has a bunch of ideas already written for a future album, but we’ll see where this one takes us first.”

Blackened Angel's 'Chronicles of Damnation' out now!

Blackened Angel’s ‘Chronicles of Damnation’ out now!

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Watch Blackened Angel’s music video for their song Purgatory, off their new album Chronicles of Damnation!

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