SPYDER defines being a ‘Hero’ with his debut Album Superhuman:The Call

SPYDER!!  Photo taken by Alex Gallagher, edited by Daniel Olival.

Photo taken by Alex Gallagher, edited by Daniel Olival

Wollongong’s Christian music artist SPYDER talks about his debut EP, Superhuman: The Call.

By Mandy Craig

SPYDER, Wollongong’s new Christian solo artist has recently released his digital version of his debut album Superhuman: The Call, the physical copy set to be released mid December.

His music, having an ambient sound, along with an electronic dance music vibe, aims to be spiritually moving. With influences ranging from Testio, Zedd, Hillsong and Planet Shakers, this first installment of the Superhuman Series is an album that will be very inspirational for fans of the Christian music genre.

Talking to SYPDER, he revealed all you need to know about Superhuman: The Call.

 Q: SPYDER, your digital copy of your debut Album, Superhuman: The Call was released on iTunes recently, what can you tell us about the album, what is it about?

Superhuman: The Call is the first part of several in a series following the ‘Superhuman’ theme. In a Christian context it follows along the Hero’s Journey and this first album is when the hero receives the call to make a difference.

When I hear the term “Superhuman”, as much as I think of supernatural physical abilities, I also think of the personality and attitude that a ‘Superhuman’ should withhold to be a ‘hero’.

To me, to be ‘Superhuman’ you aim to be better than where you are now in your life. You aim to love more, to be generous, to care for others and not judge someone when you don’t know them personally. You aim to forgive more and you tend to sacrifice your time, your money, and your energy for people who need your help.

This album portrays that you recognise that inner voice, or God telling you that there is so much more to live for and then taking the action to respond to the call. Taking that first heroic stage of changing your ways and changing your comfortable way of living. So you take that daring leap of faith, knowing that it’s not going to be an easy journey, but you know it’s going to make you a better person and make your world a better place.

Q: What have you most liked about creating and producing Superhuman: The Call?

This might sound odd but probably the thing I loved most about creating this album is the constant struggles and battles with myself to getting it done, pushing past the thoughts in my mind of judgment and negative criticism from others.

I would listen to each song over and over and I would start thinking, “This does not sound good at all. People are going to despise this.” But the next day I would listen to them again and think, “They actually sound pretty good for where I’m at musically.”  It took me (after constantly battling with myself) ages to finally listen to that positive voice to accept myself, and the music I have produced as it is and to not care if people didn’t like or appreciate my work. As long as I was happy with it, that’s all that should matter.

Just like the hero in this journey (of the series of albums), I am learning and getting better as the journey progresses. This album is far from perfect, just like myself and so is the beginning of every hero’s journey.

So I believe the struggles, the down emotions, during the production of this album are what make me appreciate the highs of the album. The not so happy chappy journey of the creation is what makes the end product unique and “beautiful” in its own way.

Q: What does the music on the album represent?

The music represents my desires; it represents my relationship with God, and hopefully it represents my spirit of determination, strength, passion, and God’s presence within my life.

Q: What is one of your favourite tracks on the album and why?

Do I have to only choose one? (Laughs)

Rise Up On Eagles’ Wings would have to be my favourite.

Every time I listen to it, it takes me to a special place that I believe God is there; I hear it and I feel at peace, I feel God just comforting me. Whenever I feel down, this is a song I choose to listen to. It doesn’t suddenly make me happy, but it reminds me that it’s ok to not be ok and that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Q: Any other awesome plans for the future?

I’ve actually started working on the theme and the amount of songs I want on the next stage of the Superhuman series. Song ideas, designs of the covers and booklets have all been stampeding through my head for the past couple of weeks. I’ll be working harder this next year and aim to get it out between September and December again.

Want to know more about SPYDER? Check him out via the following links:




Have a listen to Rise up on Eagles’ Wings – one of the tracks from Superhuman: The Call

Physical Copy of Superhuman:The Call, out this December! Photo by Alex Gallagher, edited by Daniel Olival

Physical Copy of Superhuman:The Call, out this December!
Photo by Alex Gallagher, edited by Daniel Olival

SPYDER Digital copy of Superhuman: The Call, out now on iTunes! Photo by Alex Gallagher, edited by Daniel Olival

SPYDER Digital copy of Superhuman: The Call, out now on iTunes!
Photo by Alex Gallagher, edited by Daniel Olival


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