Chuparosa bring the Party with their debut Sinking Sun EP

CHUPAROSA!!  From Left to Right: Tim Dennis, Kyle Eardley, Mark Rozab Meleisa, Isaac Beard, Tayplain, Michael Beckett, Marc Tahiti Richardson, and Kyle Jacobs! Photo by Tim Dennis.

From Left to Right: Tim Dennis, Kyle Eardley, Mark Rozab Meleisa, Isaac Beard, Tayplain, Michael Beckett, Marc Tahiti Richardson, and Kyle Jacobs!
Photo by Tim Dennis.

Exclusive: Chuparosa talk debut EP and Reveal EP Launch Secrets!

By Mandy Craig.

Wollongong get ready to party with local reggae band Chuparosa, as the band is set to release their debut EP Sinking Sun this December, telling fans to bring their dancing shoes!

Chuparosa, having formed earlier this year they have brought an awesome vibe to the music scene with their sound fusing reggae, ska, with a funk brass section, they describe themselves as ‘Upbeat party madness’.

Sitting with Michael Becket, Kyle Jacobs, and Kyle Eardley; three out of eight from Chuparosa, just before rehearsal, they talk about the Sinking Sun EP, favourite moments, and also reveal the place, line-up, and surprises they have in store for their fans at their upcoming EP launch!

Talking about their music and being a reggae band in the local music scene, guitarist Kyle Jacobs revealed what they have loved so far this year.

“Every time we play we’re just having a party really, a musical party. At practice we laugh more than we actually practice music, which makes everything just work well together because everyone just gets along…I think for me the best part is that we’re playing music that’s forcing people out of their seats to dance, they just can’t help themselves but go and dance to the music we’re playing!”

“People have received it really well so far which is cool.” Drummer Michael Becket also added.

“Built up a bit of a following so far this year. Some of them are our friends that come to our shows, but we’ve actually got real fans, which is unexpected; so pretty cool. Seeing them at shows, every show has been sweet!”

Chuparosa has played numerous of gigs so far since starting earlier in the year, with their first live gig being at Yours and Owls, and another favourite gig being at the Bombie Bar as well.

“My very favourite was at the Bombie Bar.” Trumpet player Kyle Eardly explained. “I was playing keys for that show, and on this keyboard it had this button where this drumbeat starts when you push it. I didn’t even touch the button and it just started in the middle of one of the songs…

Just all the shows looking around at the crowd seeing everyone smiling, happy, dancing just gives all of us energy and confidence just to keep going, do what we do.”

The guys also laughed as they remembered another favourite moment from their Yours and Owls gig, about a girl who inspired their song Stella; Kyle Jacobs discussed the ‘Stella incident’ saying,

“At our first show we were playing, and this girl decided that she wanted to be part of the band. She took herself around the back of the drums and picked up Mikey’s sticks and started playing along with him. She proceeded to walk around the back of the drum kit away from the people getting her off stage; tried to hide behind me, fighting people off with a drum stick.”

“Since then we wrote a song for her called Stella, which is one of our favourite songs. It’s a little bit gypsy, good fun…. She gets a special mention every show.”  Michael concluded.

Chuparosa’s debut EP Sinking Sun is said to have five tracks, and may also have a live track, that was recorded at The Bulli Heritage Hotel, when they supported another band called The Strides. The title track on the EP has also been revealed as another favourite song of the band, having a jazzy, heavy and traditional reggae feel.

“The title track ‘Sinking Sun’ is I think the first song we completed and yet it changes a fair bit, that’s why its one of our favouites. We either start with it, or usually put it right where the crowd’s sort of the most into it; good upbeat track.” Michael explained.

Kyle Jacobs also went on to talk more about the EP, discussing the effect their music will hopefully have on their fans.

“I think I’ll be happy if people have it in their car, and they’re just dancing, and people catch them at lights dancing to it, look over and ‘Aww they’re dancing this is awkward.’ That’s the aim for me, that’s what I want that CD to do.”

“But no car crashes…” Michael comically added, “Chuparosa endorses responsible dance driving.”

Last but not least, Kyle Jacobs described the debut EP as a party saying,

“I think if you could put a party in a CD, but not one of those ‘I’m a big gangster drinking, being all blinged up and stuff’, like a good party just good times, good friends, good music captured in a disc.”

Music Mayhem Exclusive  – Chuparosa’s Sinking Sun EP Launch!

Chuparosa’s EP launch, December 21st will have many surprises for their fans to look forward to, but up until now, they have kept the place where they are going to perform a secret, and also who will be supporting them a secret as well. So here for you to read now is the exclusive on their EP launch, and also a little taste of what to look forward to!

Chuparosa’s Sinking Sun EP launch will be at: The Beach Bar, Wollongong.

The supporting acts that will be performing on the night are: The Omissions (Wollongong) and The Kava Kings (Sydney)

Chuparosa also revealed one of the surprises in their performance:

Michael: “We’re planning to do a dancing mash-up of some semi-recent pop songs, change them into our thing, that’s going to be one thing that we’re keen to do.”

Kyle Jacobs: “So we’re going to take top 40 dance songs, do like a mega mix Chuparosa style. I know its going to be full of fun and surprises and some good dancing times, bring dancing shoes that would be my advice for the night.”

Upcoming Gigs

24 November: Manly Boat Shed

30 November:  The Townie, Newtown

EAST COAST AUSTRALIAN TOUR: December/ January/ February, from Byron Bay to Melbourne!! 10+ dates covering 3500km!!

Final Message to Fans

Kyle Eardley: “We love you.”

Kyle Jacobs:  “We’re not out there to be rock stars and make a big name for ourselves. We’re just here to party with people, have a good time.”

Check out Chuparosa via the following links: 


Official Website

Copyright © Music Mayhem with Mandy 2013  

 Check out the following videos of Chuparosa performing Debut EP Title Track at their first gig at Yours and Owls, and in Rehearsal! Videos by Marc Tahiti Richardson (Percussionist) 


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