The Darkened Souls of Metreya!!

Metreya!!  From left to right: Adam Grozdanic, Sean Veale, Michael Domev, Sean Clifford and Dieter Jabs. Photo by Lord Tim!

From left to right: Adam Grozdanic, Sean Veale, Michael Demov, Sean Clifford and Dieter Jabs.
Photo by Lord Tim!

Thrash Metal band, Metreya talk music influences, Machines of War, and an upcoming album in the works!

By Mandy Craig.

Metreya, metal band hailing from Wollongong definitely know how to project epic brutality through their music, giving the music scene intense, aggressive and awesome thrash metal to mosh to at their gigs.

A true testament to the core of 80’s metal genre, Metreya have many musical influences from Slayer, Pantera, and even the metal godfather’s Black Sabbath!

“When you are into thrash, there’s no looking back!” Rhythm Guitarist Dieter Jabs explains, “The crunch of the guitars, the speed, the mosh parts, the violence! Some key bands and influential releases from that period include Anthrax (Among the Living, State of Euphoria, Persistence of Time), Kreator (Extreme Aggression, Coma of Souls), Sepultura (Beneath the Remains, Arise), Dark Angel (Time Does Not Heal), Exodus (Fabulous Disaster), … the list is endless!

“The way these bands put their songs together has also been a major influence, with long songs packed full of riffs and tempo changes. I am very influenced by bands that throw in a completely new, awesome riff towards the end of their songs – it makes it worthwhile listening right through the whole song. Listen to Exodus’ the Toxic Waltz to see what I mean!”

Lead vocalist, Michael Demov also revealed other influences saying, “Prominent bands would be Black Sabbath, Slayer and Judas Priest for their dark, heavy, aggressive and powerful songs which seem to permeate directly into my soul. Prominent musicians would be Black Sabbath’s Tony Iommi for his powerful riffing, Slayer for their aggressive guitar style and Tom Araya as my favourite thrash vocalist. Priest’s singer Rob Halford and Slayer guitarist Kerry King for their very metal style of apparel. Halford, Slayer and Dio for their lyrical styles and subject matter. Plus many more metal bands and musicians too numerous to mention.”

Originally known as ‘Blackened’ back in 2005, Metreya have found the awesome support from old and new fans great, since they emerged like a metal phoenix back into the music scene.

Raise you metal horns in the air for Metreya! \m/  Photo by Jed Ashley Burke Photography!

Raise you metal horns in the air for Metreya! \m/
Photo by Jed Ashley Burke Photography!

“The support people have shown us on our return has been fantastic!” Says Dieter. “A lot of our old fans have come out to see us too so it’s nice to know that we weren’t forgotten about! So it’s great to be back.”

With their new name, and a debut EP, ‘Machines of War’ that was released earlier this year, Metreya have really given their fans a wicked taste of what other music there is to be released in the future! With heavy breakdowns, powerful solos and epic riffage throughout their EP, Metreya will have listeners’ moshing, even with headphones on! Talking about the EP, Michael revealed the meaning behind ‘Machines of War.’

“Lyrically it is basically a timeline through history of man’s innovations in regard to the use of machines in war.” He explained. “Dating back to 300 BC when they devised a moveable siege tower to overcome the defenses of a castle, to now with demining robots and everything in between and on into the future.”

There is also more for Metreya fans to look forward to! With new material being written by the band consistently – a full-length album will be in the works soon, and will be out 2014 next year. The album is said to have 10 tracks, with some of them ranging from seven minutes long. Some of the new music is also being slowly leaked into their live gigs, something for fans to listen out for!

“We are slowly introducing some of the new material into our set and the reaction to them has been very good.” States Dieter. “I think our full length will definitely leave a mark once it’s out.

We plan to keep building our profile, primarily through gigging as much as we can, while fine-tuning our new material for next year’s full length. We may do another music video before then too, as the clip for Machines of War really helped us.”

Listen and download ‘Machines of War’ via Band Camp. Metreya, Machines of War EP

Want to know when Metreya are playing next? Dieter Jabbs has you covered in where you can see them live!

We’ve just come off a run of headline shows that went really well and our last show with Killrazer, Hazmat and Exekute was faultless, so we are in top form at the moment. Our next show is with Raven Black Night (who recently signed to Metal Blade) on Saturday September 21st at The Square in Sydney, the Metal Evilution 10 year anniversary show with Darker Half on Saturday October 19th at The Stag in Sydney, and the Wollongong Metal Meeting with some other high profile bands on Saturday November 16th at Dicey Riley’s Hotel.

We hope to see as many head bangers at these shows as possible! Thanks for your support!”

A Little bit more of Metreya

 Q: What bands/solo artists are you finding awesome to head-bang to at the moment?

Adam Grozdanic (Lead Guitar) “The Big 4, Sepultura, Ozzy and Pantera. Good rhythms and lead guitar work.”

Dieter Jabs (Rhythm Guitar) “The last couple of weeks I’ve been listening to a lot of Annihilator, Havok, Carcass and Exhumed.”

Michael Demov (Lead Vocals) “I recently purchased a large bunch of albums from different bands which I’m listening to at the moment including Manowar, Grip Inc, Black Sabbath, Motorhead, Hatebreed, System of a Down, Machine Head, Ripper Owens and others.”

Q: What have been some of your favourite moments/memories playing live? What have you enjoyed the most?

Adam: “All of it!”

Dieter: “We’ve played with some great bands over the years which we’ve looked up to, and to see these legends banging their heads to us and complimenting us has been very validating.

We’ve played to some awesome crowds and to some ordinary ones, but we always seem to win people over and that is extremely rewarding.

A specific live memory that stands out for me was when someone was so into our music that they smashed a schooner glass over their head, spilling blood everywhere, and a little later someone else was given an atomic wedgie and had their undies torn cleanly off them. Now that’s Good Friendly Violent Fun!”

Michael: “My favourite live moment is anytime I look off stage and theres a metalhead with his fist raised in the air and mouth wide-open singing along with me. To see the energy that we are throwing out is being received and hurled back at us. That’s the ultimate moment in performing live.”

Metreya!! \m/  Photo by Jed Ashley Burke Photography!

Metreya!! \m/
Photo by Jed Ashley Burke Photography!

Want to find out more on Metreya? Check them out via the following links! 





Watch Metreya’s music video for, ‘Machines of War’! 



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