Ragdoll and Rock ‘n’ Roll!

From left to right: Matt Bresolin, Paul Pozzacchio and Luke Ryan.
Photo by Dona Ryan

By Mandy Craig.

When you think of Rock ‘n’ Roll, you think of your favourite bands that make you feel alive with their riffs and their epic stage presence that is hard to forget when you see them live, well Illwarrra look no further than Wollongong’s own Rock ‘n’ Roll band Ragdoll who is exactly that and more!

“We are two dudes from Wollongong that teamed up playing acoustic rock gigs for about seven months until we found a drummer who joined us, and then we played as Ragdoll.” Guitarist Matt Bresolin revealed.

“I’m 26 and nearly stopped playing guitar after starting full time work. I called Luke who is 25, for one last crack at it and we have been rocking out collaborating since then, and formed a mighty friendship. Ragdoll is currently drummer-less, and are on the search because we have gigs lined up.”

Ragdoll’s Matt Bresolin and guitarist Luke Ryan draw inspiration from their favourite bands, such as – The Beatles, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Zz Top, Van Halen, KISS, and Aerosmith – who also inspired the name for their band. “We liked the idea of linking the band name to rock music.” Luke explained. “So we went through our favourite albums looking at track-titles and came across the song “Ragdoll” from Aerosmith’s album ‘Permanent Vacation.’ We both thought it was a mad song and stood out the most as a band name.”

Ragdoll From left to right: Matt Bresolin, Paul Pozzacchio, Luke Ryan. Photo by Donna Ryan

From left to right: Matt Bresolin, Paul Pozzacchio, Luke Ryan.
Photo by Donna Ryan

Currently working on their first EP, their music will sure to be something for fans to look forward to, which is soon to be released sometime in the next couple of months.

“We recorded our six-track EP in one week at Vienna People Recording studios in Newtown. It was ever so much fun, we had a ball and the end result was greatly overwhelming.” Luke said.

“The EP is more or less plain ‘Rock ‘n Roll,’ we were pondering about calling it just that.”  Matt added.

Both Luke and Matt also revealed their favourite song on their EP, ‘Out of Sight, Out of Mind.’  “We feel like it was recorded the best out of the six and both of us collaborated equally on it. Other tracks are written by either one of us, where as this one we both had ideas that worked well together and came out sounding awesome.”

So what other awesome things do Ragdoll have for their fans? Luke and Matt explain.

We are in the NSW final for the Global Battle Of The Bands in June.” Luke Said.

“We got through with our ex-drummer and secured a spot in the final.” Matt added, “We also have a gig at the Hard Rock Cafe in Darling Harbour that is TBA.”

Want to see Ragdoll? Check them out at their following gigs!

Tuesday 4th May – Cabramatta Bowling Club, Supporting 62 Silence EP Launch

Friday 24th May –  (As Two Picks no Sticks) Kembla Golf Club

Sunday 23rd June –  Global Battle Of The Bands, State-of-the-Art venue at Southern Cross College in Burwood

Hard Rock Cafe, Darling Harbour – TBA

Check them on the following links:



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Listen to Ragdoll Live!!

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