Temtris – Upcoming Album Release

Temtris! From left to right: Anthony 'Fox' Roberts, Llew Smith, Dale Green, Genevieve Rodda, Ben Hart.  Photo by Bobbie Jo Smith.

From left to right: Anthony ‘Fox’ Roberts, Llew Smith, Dale Green, Genevieve Rodda, Ben Hart.
Photo by Bobbie Jo Smith.

By Mandy Craig

The time has come for metal heads to pay attention, as Nowra’s Dark Metal band Temtris are working on their awesome new album!

With their new single, ‘Your Time has Come,’ having such a live and deliciously intense sound drawing you in; Temtris’s third release will definitely be an album to look forward to!

Talking to vocalist Genevieve Rodda and guitartists Llew Smith, and Anthony ‘Fox’ Roberts, they revealed what to expect of their new release, what they loved most about working on the album.

Q: Temtris, you’ve been going since 1999. What has been some of your favourite memories? How did you come together as a band?

Gen: Lew, Fox and myself had worked together in some of our earlier bands developing our own individual styles and in 1999 we decided that a combination of those styles would create a unique sound that we were not hearing in the current heavy metal scene, so Temtris was born.

Llew: One of my best memories is our first trip to Melbourne (touring with Dungeon). Everything was jinxed, but I look back now and it was still an awesome show.

Gen: I prefer to remember our latest trip to Melbourne (with Kilamaine). The response from the Melbourne crowd was amazing.

Fox: Playing the Rock Ape (Canberra supporting Earth) with Wayne Campbell back in the early days is one of my favourite memories, along with all the entertaining moments travelling to our latest round of interstate shows.

Q: Wayne Campbell, (Mortal Sin) was part of your original line up. What was it like to work/perform with him?

Gen: Wayne is a true character of metal…

Llew: …and a true professional of his craft…

Gen: …and a good friend still.

Fox: We were very fortunate to have a drummer of his skill and stature at the inception of Temtris and we were disappointed to lose him when he returned to Mortal Sin, a great drummer and an Australian heavy metal legend.

 Q: What do you guys like most about performing?

Llew: The interaction with the crowd. When we’re performing and everyone is getting into it, it feels like we’re part of the same experience.

Gen: I feel like I’m at home when I’m on stage singing.

Fox: Vodka, and groupies… and mostly the rush of performing for a crowd.

Temtris! From left to right: Dale Green, Ben Hart, Genevieve Rodda, Anthony 'Fox' Roberts, Llew Smith. Photo by Bobbie Jo Smith.

From left to right: Dale Green, Ben Hart, Genevieve Rodda, Anthony ‘Fox’ Roberts, Llew Smith. Photo by Bobbie Jo Smith.

 Q: You’re working on a new album. Tell us about it, what’s it about?

Fox: Recently we have most often been labeled as a Dark Metal band because of some of the elements that we include in our music, and this album should not disappoint fans of that ideal.

Gen: From our live shows our fans will already be familiar with songs such as ‘Shallow Grave’ and ‘Darkness Lies’. We’ve held on to a few surprises though.

 Q: What will the new album be called?

Gen: We are down to two titles for the album and we are meeting with our conceptual artist Stevie-Lea Gorman to finalize the album’s artwork and title.

 Q: This new album will be your third album release since ‘Masquerade’ in (2007) and ‘Threshold’ (2003). What do you think makes this new release unique and different to your previous releases?

Gen: We’ve all matured and grown as artists and this album reflects that.

Llew: The introduction of our new rhythm section brought two new songwriters, complete with all their influences, into the mix. Everybody has contributed heavily to this album.

Fox: We are always pushing the edges of what our music is capable of and we are not scared to take risks.

 Q: When will the new album be released?

Fox: We’re aiming for a September release date.

 Q: What have you enjoyed most about the writing and recording process for this album?

Fox: Working with producer Syd Green (Ex Mantissa, Iota). We nicknamed him ‘The Smiling Assassin’.

Llew: (Imitates voice). “Yeah that was great…but…we’ll do it again…”

Gen: Waiting for my turn.

Llew: Seeing all the hard work coming together.

 Q: Who are your musical influences as a band?

Llew: Too varied to mention, anything from Mike Oldfield to Emperor. Each of us has our own particular set of artists that we draw from.

Gen: Vocally, I would say, Geoff Tate, Bruce Dickinson, and Dave Mustaine.

 Q: What do you guys like most about being a Dark Metal band?

Llew: I like the fact that we don’t sound like any other band, particularly other female fronted bands, or even other bands in the ‘Dark Metal’ genre.

Fox: I like the musical freedom in Dark Metal. We can use any elements of heavy music that suit the intensity of the songs.

 Q: Are there any other awesome plans that Temtris has in store for their fans?

Gen: We are in the process of organising a film clip or two.

Llew: …and spreading our wings overseas, as our fanbase is growing rapidly worldwide.

Fox: …and we are, of course, preparing for a whole new stage show to accompany the new album.


Go see Temtris at their upcoming gigs!

31st of May – Brisbane – Prince of Wales Hotel (Nundah)

14th of June – Sydney – Valve Bar (Tempe)

and check them out on the following links: 

Triple J Unearthed: http://www.triplejunearthed.com/Temtris 

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Temtris/78684275977?fref=ts

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2 replies

  1. Love these guys 🙂 Great sound and I can’t stand to miss a live gig. Really looking forward to the new album! With the songs mentioned above as a teaser, really can’t wait to hear the rest!

  2. This band is absolutely AWESOME in every way , they are very friendly and approachable and I consider them to be close friends , I also wholeheartedly believe in them and their incredible talent , and SERIOUSLY CANNOT wait for the new album to be released. I LOVE TEMTRIS \m/ 🙂 \m/

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