Haworth Guitar’s new Wollongong Store!!

Glenn Haworth and Store Manager Kane Dennelly at the new Haworth Music Centre in Wollongong.Photo by Mandy Craig

Glenn Haworth and Store Manager Kane Dennelly at the new Haworth Music Centre in Wollongong.
Photo by Mandy Craig

By Mandy Craig

Look out everyone!! For all you deditcated musicians, Haworth Guitars is opening a second store, Haworth’s Music Centre, in Wollongong  6th April.

This Saturday Haworth’s Wollongong store, (1B, 135-143 Princes Highway, Fairy Meadow) will be officially opened with a cut of a ribbon at 9:30 am signifying the start of more exciting things from Glenn Haworth and the rest of the Haworth team.

With their music centre and Haworth Drum Room in Shellharbour, and now a second store in Wollongong, Haworth Guitars is taking the Illawarra music scene to a bigger and more exciting level.

“One of the things I’ve been looking at doing recently was opening another store in Wollongong as we have so many customers now coming down from Wollongong, the Northern Suburbs and Sydney.” Glenn Haworth explains.

“The new store will be basically stocking all the major brands that we sell and we will be aiming to have just as many, if not more guitars and amplifiers in stock as our Shellharbour store. We will also be stocking drums, keyboards, synths, digital pianos, small PA systems, home recording and live pro audio gear.”

Awesome guitars at Haworth Music Centre Wollongong. Photo by Mandy Craig

Awesome guitars at Haworth Music Centre Wollongong.
Photo by Mandy Craig

With many sneak preview photos on Haworth Guitar’s Facebook page, they have given a bit of a taste to their devoted customers of what to expect of the Wollongong store. Talking more about what is going to be in Haworth’s new music centre, Glenn revealed some of the exciting things to expect.

“One really exciting thing about the new store is that it will have plenty of floor space and it will be set out so that we can easily fit in plenty of customers when we host live product demonstration nights etc.

We will also have a sealed off Amp room and a private room out the back where customers can try out our gear in private. This will be great for customers who might be a little shy to play in front of other people or for those customers who just like to be left alone to make their mind up about a purchase.”

So who is going to be the store manager at the new store? Why none other than Kane Dennelly.

“Kane Dennelly will be our store manager at the Wollongong Store. This was a no brainer for me as Kane is a well-known muso in the area with a lot of experience plus he is a super friendly guy and the customers seem to like him.” Glenn explained.

“To help Kane out, I’m also bringing up Jayme Weston, who is another really nice guy who knows how to deliver the goods for our customers. I will also be spending a lot of time at the new store personally in the early stages and I will be having some casual employees help out too.”

Kane Dennelly and Glenn Haworth inside Haworth Music Centre Wollongong.Photo by Mandy Craig

Kane Dennelly and Glenn Haworth inside Haworth Music Centre Wollongong.
Photo by Mandy Craig

Talking about the Wollonong store, Glenn Haworth finished off with saying,

“I’m really looking forward to the challenge of operating from two locations. I really enjoy leading such a young team and seeing them grow here along with the business. It’s already been a big challenge getting it all setup, but once we open, then the real fun begins!”

Check Haworth Guitars out  on the Following links:

Haworth Music Centre Wollongong Event http://www.facebook.com/events/352042631584026/

Haworth Guitars website http://www.haworthguitars.com.au

Haworth Guitars Facebook http://www.facebook.com/haworthguitars?ref=ts&fref=ts

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  1. Have already made a number of visits to the new shop and must say it’s taken off very well, I think a lot of us north side musos are really glad to have a Haworth Guitars at this end of town. Same great service as the Shellharbour store without the trek down south. Memorable moments already from buying my daughter’s first guitar there, and well, I haven’t seen another 5 year old on first name basis anywhere. Looking forward to future business as always!

    Cheers Glenn, Kane and the other guys 🙂

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