Main Street Studios – Adam Jordan

Main Street Studio's Adam Jordan. Producer Duck is observing Adam's organ playing skills. Photo by Mandy Craig.

Main Street Studio’s Adam Jordan. Producer Duck is observing Adam’s organ playing skills.
Photo by Mandy Craig.

By Mandy Craig.

When local musicians, whether bands or solo artists go to record a new EP, they look no further than Main Street Studios Chief Engineer and Producer Adam Jordan.

Working at Main Street Studios for over ten years, Adam is a nice easy-going guy who takes pride in his work and has fun working with the local music scene.

Talking to Adam in studio B at Main Street, he revealed his love for music, sound, and also about the one and only Producer Duck!


Being Chief Engineer and Producer, what do you love most about working at Main Street Studios?

“Pretty much that there’s always something different. A lot of different bands, a lot of different styles come through and I deliberately try not to do the same thing all the time every time. I always try to change things up, just so that way I try to avoid there being specifically a ‘Main Street sound’ other than good, so that way it doesn’t sorta sound like its got my fingerprints on there, just more bands come in and sound like the band… without being touched by me specifically but yeah it’s pretty much different styles different bands, it’s always something different.”

What first inspired you to pursue a career in Sound Production?

“Originally I was writing and directing short films, and I did a film and TV course and then moved over to sound for film and TV and then did music production. Yeah pretty much I just like sound and I’ve always liked music, even as a kid, I’d always have music playing and I remember there was one day when I was in primary school, when my mum was driving me home from school and I told her to turn the radio off; I had a headache and I think it was the first and only time in my life that I ever asked for music to be turned off. She even made a point on the day, “You want the radio off? You never ask for the radio off.” Like I’d always want music playing, there’s even like a photo of me as a baby listening to a record with giant headphones on… I also just liked pulling things apart, finding out how things worked – engineering is a bit like that, constructing a song from the elements the bands have got, with what they’re playing, the sound sort of thing and creating it from that so it all just worked out to fit into two things that I loved.”

What has been happening in the studio so far in 2013?

“January was pretty busy. Torch the Village are finishing off an EP at the moment, Go away Everyone have just released a single, Lower Coast Skies are about to finish up an EP, Vicious Dickens are working on an EP.  Pretty much from the end of last year to this year has been quite busy. Dlinkwnt are finishing off an EP, Le Tour De Funk are working on a single.”

What other awesome things do you have planned for Main Street this year?

“I have another couple of promos that I’ll be running this year. I’ve teamed up with a mastering guy down in Melbourne, coming up with a new deal with him. Teaming up with A to Z Productions to do some video stuff in the studio as well. They’ll film people’s sessions and create a video from that so that’ll be a good plug for them to put on there; keep releasing awesome music.”


You have a new addition to the Main Street Studio family… Producer Duck. Tell us a bit about him.

“Well originally there’s three ducks, and that’s the parent duck; the children ducks have left home. Producer Duck is pretty much well deceptive that it says ‘rubber duck’, but he’s not actually a rubber duck, he’s plastic. If things are going right he gets the credit for it, if things are going wrong, I get the blame for it. Pretty much I try to make him more of a feature, so in that way I try to get him into as many photos. I’ve got other photos in mind for him to appear in but it’ll be spaced out. He wondered in one day off the street and he was a little bit cold and lonely so I took him in, and turns out he’s got more musical knowledge than I do; so I listen to him and he’s become the boss.”

Adam Jordan and Producer Duck. Photo by Mandy Craig

Adam Jordan and Producer Duck.
Photo by Mandy Craig

If you could produce with your ultimate favourite band, who would it be?

“Well it would be Smashing Pumpkins, but probably what I would like I’d say probably would be a collaboration, like Billy Corgan on guitar, Josh Freese on Drums; Adam Jones from Tool on guitar as well and the bass player from The Killers. Or the bass player from Muse and maybe take the bass player from The Killers and Matt from Muse on vocals and just for the fun of it we’ll put Dave Grohl on another guitar as well. That would just be an awesome lot of people to work with… actually the singer of Biffy Clyro stick him in there as well. Just put all of them into one room and that would be awesome to record. But if I had to pick a band it would either be Smashing Pumpkins, Placebo or Biffy Clyro as my three most favourite bands.”

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