Lost in Verona’s Shaking things up for 2013

Lost in Verona,From left to right: Lachlan Bush, Lachlan Batchelor, Sam Bowker, Jesse Bowker.

Lost in Verona,
From left to right: Lachlan Bush, Lachlan Batchelor, Sam Bowker, Jesse Bowker.
Photo taken by Timmy Irwin.

By Mandy Craig

Shoalhaven’s punk band, Lost in Verona are ready to make 2013 an awesome year with two EPs.

Lost in Verona consisting of: Sam Bowker, Jesse Bowker and newest members Lachlan Bush and Lachlan Batchelor, have musical influences ranging from bands such as The Medics, The Beatles and Led Zepplin.

Talking to lead singer Sam Bowker and lead guitarist Jesse Bowker, they gave some insight into what is coming up for the band this year, with their solo EP and Split EP.

Q: Earlier last year you said you were planning to do a split EP with a Texas band this year, tell us about that.

Sam: “It’s a band from El Paso and their name is Disfrutalo and basically it hasn’t been really quick, the whole process; it got a bit set back because we changed half our members. We basically just got a facebook group set up with them and been bouncing ideas back and forth between them and they’re just getting some songs together, and we’re doing the same thing. Hopefully sometime this year an EP will come out for both of us; just a split.”

Q: You guys also said you were working on your own EP.

Sam: “At this point we’re not even really sure, we’re probably going to be doing our own thing first a bit, because we have got new members. It’s been like a year since we’ve gone on a tour, and that’s because we’ve been practicing with these new guys so yeah we’re probably going to put out a collection of a few songs just on our own sometime in the next few months and then probably half way through the year the split could happen.”

Jesse Bowker and Sam Bowker from Lost in Verona.Photo taken by Mandy Craig.

Jesse Bowker and Sam Bowker from Lost in Verona.
Photo taken by Mandy Craig.

Q: How will this EP be different from your previous music?

Sam: “The last (EP) most of the chords were just like these simple kind of punky two chord songs; we’re moving away from that quite a bit and I personally think my voice has improved a lot since the last recordings as well.”

Jesse: “I think just a bit more dynamics.”

Sam: “I guess a bit more mature than our older stuff and it’s yeah a bit more progressive and a bit more complex with the arrangements and parts and stuff, it’s not so straight forward.”

Q: What’s your favourite part about performing?

Jesse: “I personally like it when people obviously get into the music that you create like if someone gets up and dances when you’re playing one of your songs, that’s I think definitely the most benefical to me.”

Q: What else can your fans expect from you guys this year?

Sam: “Possibly some merch.”

Jesse: “Yeah we were looking at getting t-shirts and wristbands I think; Just a new sound to our music.”

Sam: “Yeah just a new sound and a professional approach to the band.”

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