The Emotions of The Mad Pride.

Rowan Galagher as The Mad Pride. Photo taken by Lakshal Perera.

Rowan Galagher as The Mad Pride. Photo taken by Lakshal Perera.

By Mandy Craig

Rowan Galagher, who performs under the name, The Mad Pride, is back with his new album, ‘Advice to the Wayfarer.’

Being his fourth album since starting back in 2009, The Mad Pride’s music has been defined as sounding like David Bowie meets Tim Burton. ‘Advice to the Wayfarer,’ has an amazing acoustic trance vibe with songs, ‘Sacrificial Lamb’ – with strings and horns incorporated into it, and ‘Hope is Gone.’

“‘Hope is Gone’ is a bit bleak. It’s an old song and I thought it was way too depressing to release. I wrote it back before I wrote my first album. I like the song, its honest and kinda mellow, which most of my stuff is.” Rowan revealed.

“What I like about the kind of music that I make, I guess the fact that it’s emotionally authentic. I sort of sit down at a piano or with an acoustic guitar and play something; I really just intend to express how I feel.”

Rowan also listed who influenced his music, “Leonard Cohen, Radio Head, Sia, Ani Difranco – there’s a lot of people. Grizzly Bear, Animal Collective as well they’re really cool. There’s a lot of really cool music out there.”

Over all Advice to the Wayfarer is an impressive album, expressing life and emotion.

Check out and Listen to The Mad Pride’s music on the following links:

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