The Psychedelic Sound of Lint

From Left to Right: Brad Hayne, Dave Gollop and Clint Coker. Photo By Mandy Craig

By Mandy Craig

Wollongong’s instrumental band, Lint has a sound that is so unique. With a heavy and experimental feel, Lint is Pink Floyd meets metal.

Describing their sound, bass player Clint Coker says, “I think we like the improvisational aspects of that kind of music. Not having a singer is a really good way of letting us play that music I think. Just keeping instrumental…

We just like doing things sort of our own way as well which is no set rules so, lots of jamming.”

Talking also about their musical influences that inspired them to play in this style, guitarist Brad Hayne also added, “I guess our age comes into it. We grew up with grunge and metal in the 90’s and because of the age of us and the age of our parents we were listening to our parent’s stuff, which is Pink Floyd and it sort of just mixed together I guess.”

The band also revealed their favourite bands that they would like to perform alongside, such as Earthless, Elder and The Foo Fighters. “I think Dave would like to drum battle with Dave Grohl.” Brad comically added.

“All those bands are like ones that sort of stay underground but have a cult following and that’s what we hope to acheieve.”

Lint Rehearsing at Kickstart Rehearsal Studios.
From Left to Right: Brad Hayne, Dave Gollop, Clint Coker.
Photo by Mandy Craig

Their recent song, ‘Transit of Venus’, recorded on the actual historical event of the Transit of Venus where the plannet Venus crosses the sun, was improvised and has an amazing deep vibe. “I just have an interest in it and it’s also kinda psychedelic as well so we thought we’d write like a 15 minute jam song around it.” Clint explains.

“So I guess you’ll notice when you listen to the song, it’s never really the same twice it’s just start to finish whatever is there is there. We have certain guidelines that we stick to so we all know what we’re playing, but the song itself will be different everytime.”

Lint will be playing at The Patch in Fairy Meadow on the 16th with bands Birdmouth, Handlebar and Kaliediscope. When asked about what can be expected of the night Clint replied, “A good night I think, there’s at least three other good bands. Anyone that is into the stoner doom sort of aspect is going to be in for a good night.”

Go check Lint out on these following links:

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