Thomas Covenant

Thomas Covenant
From left to right: Jack Tickner, Reagen Jones, Declan O’ Driscoll, Thorne Goodison
Photo by Simon Hrebicek

By Mandy Craig

Wollongong’s punk rock band Thomas Covenant will make your ears dance with their awesome self-titled EP ‘Thomas Covenant.’

Their self-titled EP has such an original entertaining sound that it is almost addictive. With the upbeat rhythms of songs ‘Carnival’ and ‘Rock the Boat’ to the brutality of ‘Graduation’, screaming about the end of high school. Each song tells a story with catchy riffs and hooks that have you swaying and tapping your feet.

Talking to Thomas Covenant’s Thorne Goodison and Declan O’Driscoll they reveal a bit about the EP and what is next in store for the band.

Thomas Covenant EP
Photo by Simon Hrebicek

 Q: What inspired you guys to come up with the Thomas Covenant EP?

Thorne: “We just felt self-titling the EP was the appropriate way to go. There wasn’t any real concept behind it, just the drive to start having a body of work.”

Q: What is the EP ‘Thomas Covenant’ about?

Declan: “The EP’s is all about how we all can’t get to sleep at night, and watch Peter Pan episodes hours on end, actually if you play the songs backwards and listen to the lyrics you’ll notice a number of peter pan references.”

Q: What have some of your best performance moments been?

Thorne: “Many of our shows result in physical injury self-inflicted upon one or more of the band members, At our first World Bar show our lead-guitarist Jack Ticker split his head open and vomited twice in the space of three minutes! He even continued to play on being the hero that he is.”

Q: What is next for Thomas Covenant?

Declan: “Buying some new guitar strings…. ASAP.”

Q: Any future gigs coming up for your fans to know about?

Declan: “Yes on October 26th at Wollongong Town Hall; being presented by Yours and Owls, and Sticky Fingers are headlining, with Beaten Bodies, us and Jenny Broke the Window supporting… Gonna be great.”

Go check out Thomas Covenant on the following links:


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