Sylvain ready to break audiences with upcoming EP, ‘We are the Night’

From Left to Right: Dylan George, James Prior, Lee Cooper, Harrison Lee Yates.
Photo taken by Maddy Ross

By Mandy Craig

Watch out! Wollongong’s glam metal band Sylvain are bringing back the 80’s with their upcoming EP, ‘We are the Night.’ Which is definitely worth a listen.

“When we play we really break audiences, every song hits really hard and every song gets people pumped up. We want every song to be just really punchy, really in your face.” Says bassist Dylan George. “We really do perform our stuff, and I think that just comes back from those old bands, that influence.”

With their musical influences ranging from Motley Crue, Bon Jovi and Aerosmith – to contemporary bands like Black Veil Brides and the Misfits, Sylvain’s EP, ‘We are the Night’ has songs with very powerful riffs and a big sound that will have you listening to their songs over and over again.

Member of Sylvain
Harrison Lee Yates and Dylan George
Photo taken by Maddy Ross

“For this EP it’s pretty much five singles so it hits you, whereas if we do an album yeah we’d try and relate it all. Pretty much every song has to be different to show what we have, this is where we are beginning.” Says guitarist Harrison Lee Yates. “It’s pretty much our lives and what we do, what happens around us, We are the Night.”

Harrison then revealed how they came up with the name of their EP saying, “I just thought, wait the first song we ever wrote was  ‘We are the Night’ sounds pretty cool.”

“We’re leaning on that too, we’re doing a video for it, so it just made sense.” Added Dylan.

Sylvain have announced that they will be having two EP launches happening next month, “It’s the 16th and 17th of November. 16th is up in Sydney at the Imperial Hotel.” Dylan revealed.

Harrison also added “It’s a Rock ‘n’ Roll Night club that’s opening up, so it’s going to be pretty good. The 17th November’s The Patch in Fairy Meadow.”

Go check out Sylvain on the following links:

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