One Man and His Guitar – Kane Dennelly

Kane Dennelly
Photo by Lynley Reid

By Mandy Craig

Drink in one hand, a crowd of young and old clapping and tapping their feet with the sound of amazing blue grass music sums up 19 -Twenty’s front man Kane Dennelly.

With great stage presence and an awesome sense of humour, Kane Dennelly has toured around Europe, and with band 19 – Twenty has played along side Cold Chisel, Jeff Lang, Billy Thorpe and many others. Now currently recording new music as a solo act aswell he has come along way, and is a true inspiration for many musicians especially guitarists he has taught in the past, who are seen cheering at many 19 – Twenty gigs. Kane Dennelly proves that you can stand out even as a solo act!

You’ve been performing as 19 – Twenty for nearly six years as a duo and solo act.

What has been some of your best memories?

Travelling around Australia 6 times and spending 8 months in Europe it has all been an amazing time! Playing before Cold Chisel to 1500 people was probably a highlight though!

Kane Dennelly
Photo by Lynley Reid

What do you love most about performing?

Entertaining a good audience and sharing the energy on stage! Nothing compares.

You were touring in Europe for a few months last year and early this year. Tell us about that, what did you like the best about touring over there?

Touring over in Europe was so much different to here in Australia. In Europe I could play 7 nights a week, and travel from each gig on a train with nothing more than my guitar! One night I did a gig in Brussels, Belgium, caught a train the following morning to Paris and played a gig there and then headed back the following morning for a gig back in Brussels. I didn’t need to worry about taking all my gear and generally the crowds were more of a sit and listen type of crowd! Very refreshing.

You’re very excited about 19 – Twenty’s full band gig at Heritage Hotel, Bulli on the 3rd November – what are you expecting of the night, and what do you have in store for your fans?

Hopefully a rowdy affair! I never plan what I say, play or do at a gig so you will all just have to come and see for yourselves what happens!!

You’ve also started recording your own solo EP outside of 19 – Twenty, what are some interesting things that you’d like to share to your fans about your EP?

After being in Europe and co-writing with a few songwriters I have really learnt the power of ‘the song’ and working on my songwriting. Hopefully this E.P will be more focused on songwriting rather than riff based guitar songs. I’ll be using award-winning producer Syd Green to play and produce too, I’ve never had anyone tell me what to do in the studio so it’s going to be a hoot!!

What are some of your favourite music?

At the moment, Jeff Lang, The Pogues, Steve Earle, David Myles, Justin Townes Earle, Renny field, Paul Kelly.

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