The City Summer is, ‘Closer to Home.’

The City Summer
From Left to Right: Sam Harper, Mitch Lucas, Joshua Wood, Jess Patmore.
Photo by: Krystina Semmler

By Mandy Craig

Local band, The City Summer, formerly known as Avaine, are soon to be releasing their next EP that their fans are sure to be excited about.

Sitting with Jess Patmore and Joshua Wood from the band, they revealed what to look forward to about the EP.

Jess Patmore and Joshua Wood from The City Summer. Photo by Mandy Craig

Q: You’re working on an EP, what can your fans expect of your new music?

Jess: “I guess something they haven’t heard before. Being able to take a piece of the live show home with them, so they’ve got something to listen to outside of that.”

Q: What will the new EP be called?

 Joshua: “Close to Home.”

Q: So how does the name represent the music on the EP?

Jess: “Title track is called ‘Home’, but we didn’t just wanna call the EP ‘Home’ because the song’s pretty dark, it’s about dark stuff.”

Joshua: “It’s not heaps dark but.”

Jess: “But it’s about dark things, like the universe, how there’s no escape etc. It doesn’t match the rest of the EP at all so that’s why we had to add something to pop punk it, ease up on it a bit.”

Q: When will it be released?

Joshua: “Hopefully next month.”

Jess: “We’re waiting for the artwork to be finished, so once that’s done we’ll be closer to a date.”

Joshua: “We’ll be ‘Closer to Home’.”

Q: You also changed your name recently from Avaine to The City Summer. What was the reason behind the change?

Jess: “Just for various reasons half the band left, so we got new members. We were often called a metal band, and that’s not what we wanted to be so we decided with the change of members and a change of genre, we wanted to just have a name that fitted a lot better.”

Q: How is your sound different from when you were known as Avaine?

Jess: “It’s a lot more of a fun easy going sorta sound, we were a lot darker back when we were Avaine. Just more fun, a lot more mainstream.”

Go check out The City Summer on the following links:

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