Glen Haworth shares his love for Haworth Guitars

Glen Haworth
Photo by Mandy Craig

By Mandy Craig

Haworth Guitars is the place for the musicians of the South Coast, with so many exciting things happening it’s not hard to see why.

Being a family-run business, started by Phil Haworth, now run by his son Glen Haworth, Haworth Guitars has come along way and keeps continuing to grow.

Glen with some of the awesome staff,
From left to right: Andy Thomson, Glen Haworth and Matt Bragg.
Photo by Mandy Craig

With Glen and his awesome staff, this music store is home for every musician.

“I love the fact that I can coach our team and lead our team; I love the leadership roll that I’ve got here. I love being around instruments, people who play music and fun happy people,” says Glen Haworth.

With the store getting a makeover with new guitars and amps, Haworths also has a new addition to the store, “Haworths Drum Room.”

“I love the drum room – I love it… What I love about it, it’s creating that kind of community of drummers – because we’ve always had the guitarists coming down here and I think they always got well looked after and now it’s the drummers’ turn.”

The Drum Room also has a show on YouTube called ‘Drum Talk’, Where Drum Tech, Dan Southern interviews people on the street about drumming.

Haworths Drum Room – the new haven for drummers!
Photo by Mandy Craig

There is talk about bringing YouTube show Haworth TV to television,

“We thought why don’t we take Haworth TV and televise it but make it more appropriate for television… giving information about what’s new and cool at Haworths.”

Haworths Drum Room
Photo by Mandy Craig

Glen Haworth also talked about The Conspiracy Plan’s ‘Haworth Music School Tour’ starting next month,

“We’re gonna start that before the end of the year. We’re gonna aim to do 20 schools in the Illawarra and then next year we wanna take it national and really crank it up a notch and go, branch out further than the Illawarra.”

Go check out the Fender workshop happening at Haworth Guitars on Thursday 27th September. “We’ve got the Fender sales manager Clay Algie coming in demoing all the latest Fender gear… so that’s always fun to see what’s new from Fender and what they’re doing.”

Check out Haworth Guitar’s links here:

Haworth TV:

Haworths ‘Drum Talk’ Episode :

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