Waltzing at A Cat Named Kesey’s EP Launch

A Cat Named Kesey EP Launch, ‘Smoother Than Your Grandma’
(From Left to right), Bethany Levy, Corey Pickett, Brett Johnson, Rhyan Clapham.
Photo By Mandy Craig

By Mandy Craig

There was a lot of fun and merriment had September 7th, Friday night at Dicey Rileys, when A Cat Named Kesey showcased their new EP, ‘Smoother than Your Grandma’.

Extremely talented band, A Cat Named Kesey were amazing, their music was smooth and uniquely entertaining. They performed their set in animal onesies and the audience all gathered around the stage, dancing, swaying and waltzing.

Brett Johnson, guitar and vocals of the band talked about their gigs saying,

“Every gig we do, we hope to do something special. We all met through a theatre company and are all actors so when we perform, we really perform.”

Accordion player, Corey Picket also added comically what the fans were able to expect of the night, “They can expect a CD … if they bring $10.”

Many fans did buy their new EP, which they could also get a bottle opener with the band’s name on it in a combo for $12.

A Cat Named Kesey, Smoother Than Your Grandma, EP Launch.
(From Left to Right), Corey Pickett, Brett Johnson, Rhyan Clapham, Eliza Sykes. Photo by Mandy Craig

A Cat Named Kesey gave some insight into their new EP as well. Talking about the name of the EP, ‘Smoother Than Your Grandma’, Corey revealed how the name came to be saying,

“The name was just something silly that Eliza had once said to Beth, and I found it really funny, and then insisted that it was called that.”

Brett added, “It’s the truth.”

“I think it just sums us up as people and as a band. We’re just pretty impulsive most of the time.”

“The music is just a collection of songs that we are proud of”, the double bass and violin player Eliza Sykes also said.

Beth Levy, vocals and piano player  also revealed when their upcoming gigs are on,

“We have a gig at the Sovereign Inn Motel Wine & Beer on the 22nd September. We’re really looking forward to playing at the Sunshine Festival on Australia Day next year on the Central Coast.”

Overall Their Ep launch was a night to remember for many loyal fans, and new fans too!

Check out A Cat Named Kesey on these following links –



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