The Pennys Shenanigans with their new EP ‘Around The Light’

Photo taken at holiday house, Berry. Photography by Guy Adamson

By Mandy Craig

The Pennys, a local indie rock band from Wollongong recently released their new EP, ‘Around The Light’ with an EP launch at Dicey Rileys in July.

With, ‘Around The Light’, they bring to their fans a new fresh upbeat electric feel to their sound.

Scott Hammerton, the harmonica player and back-up vocalist of the Pennys talked about their EP launch at Dicey Rileys saying, “Went really good, it was a good night, we had a fun time, we all played really well – we were all excited, the crowd seemed pretty excited as well. It was lots of dancing shenanigans, drinking shenanigans; it was a shenanigan time.”

Having recorded ‘Around The Light’ at a holiday house in Berry, Scott described their time recording as a, “Really really cool time.”

Graphic Design by Guy Adamson

He went on to talk about EP, ‘Around The Light’ and the tree on the album art cover saying,

“All the music itself was written at varied stages in The Pennys life. They weren’t written to be recorded together; they just sorta came out that way.

“What we wanted for the EP was something that you could buy at the show and put it into your CD player and get something that represents what you just saw, more than the last EP. So we like the idea of the tree  – it’s that raw living organism. It’s what you see is what you get, like a tree. It’s a good tree.”

The Pennys will be performing next at Dicey Rileys again, 22nd of September for Arthurs Day, and are organising a Melbourne tour for the last week of September on the day of the AFL Grand Final.

If you are interested in buying their EP, get in contact with Ben Davies, from Silver Sound Recording Studio on: 0434 246 064

EP is $10.

For More information on The Pennys, and to listen to their music follow the links here:

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